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January 5, 2005

Melbourne welcomes Australia's Deaflympic team

From: ABC Online, Australia - Jan 5, 2005

Australia's biggest ever Deaflympic team has been officially welcomed in Melbourne ahead of tomorrow's opening of the 20th Summer Deaflympic Games.

It is the first time Melbourne has hosted the event, which will have more than 90 countries take part over the next 11 days.

International Olympic Committee executive member Kevan Gosper addressed the 152 athletes at the Melbourne Town Hall.

"We look forward to you as the home team doing well, that's very special," he said.

"So good luck, do your best, do your personal best, go out there and win.

"If you get in the middle it's great, but enjoy yourselves and be very proud that you are part of the hosts of these fantastic Deaflympic Games."

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