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January 6, 2005

"ChatterText" News Release

From: ChatterText - Jan 6, 2005

"ChatterText" News Release                                             January 2005

New solution for businesses & public service providers to meet their DDA responsibility to provide communication access to their services for people with hearing and speech difficulties .

Malvern, UK. ChatterText Ltd announces the immediate availability of its "ChatterText" on-line services for people with hearing or speech difficulties and the businesses and public sector providers that serve them.

"ChatterText" is a text based communication tool that enables people with hearing and speech difficulties to 'talk' to hearing people securely across the Internet. Many businesses and service providers are missing out on an extra 9 million customers because people who are deaf or without speech do not have a method to communicate with them and vice versa. "ChatterText is the gateway to these people enabling providers to serve them independently.

"ChatterText" can be initiated and used from a PC, or a Mac. The service can also be accessed from/to a mobile phone and the home or office with a text-enabled digital phone. And also with a wireless PDA via a browser or SMS text messaging. In addition, the service includes a conference call facility (from any device), and the option to switch services between PC and mobile devices. This array of interactive text connection options is unique!

With the provision of a comprehensive toolbox and helpdesk to manage the application, "ChatterText" is a robust and secure communications system for all businesses and public services.

The "ChatterText" service is securely hosted and managed centrally. So, there is no software to download to a PC (or Mac). And, all updates and new features are immediately available to every user as soon as released. No more worries about upgrading or managing your own software.

And because the "ChatterText" service is via the Internet, you can log on from any PC around the world and there are no further charges to use it after you have registered! And no phone bills.

Obviously, if users exchange SMS messages with a mobile phone or text-enabled home phone, then they will pay for the SMS part. That's why we have also arranged to provide SMS credits at an excellent price.

ChatterText Ltd director, Ken Gorf states " we have already received interest from a housing association to support deaf tenants, a recruitment company, and a logistics company that wants to provide support to its field staff. With over three million small & medium companies in the UK now obligated to provide access to deaf people under the Disability Discrimination Act, and some nine million people with hearing difficulties, we were determined to launch a service that would work for both individuals and organisations alike."

Co-director, Becky Hall adds "although the DDA is in place, many businesses are struggling to understand what is needed to support those people with hearing and speech disabilities. ChatterText is a inexpensive and vital service that will allow businesses to comply with the DDA. We have funding in place for further developments during 2005, including international versions and versions to use and support British Sign Language"

The basic annual subscription to use "ChatterText" is £30 + VAT per user, which entitles a user to access the service from all devices. For registration, access to the application, support, subscription payment, purchase of SMS credits, news, useful links, and business information, the website is "ChatterText" can also be provided to businesses and public services for integration into existing websites, with pricing based on the number of users or sites.

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Information for Editors
Chattertext Ltd is based in Malvern, Worcestershire.
Contact for further information - Ken Gorf
Telephone: 07980 259776

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