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January 4, 2005

Anti-Constitutional Win By Ammons As A New 2005-2009 CISS President

From: - Jan 4, 2005

PRESS RELEASE - January 4, 2005


Melbourne, Australia - Donalda Ammons of the USA and her whole camp are wildly having celebratory moments in their lives now, while Valery Rukhledev of Russia is keeping his chins up.

This evening at the security-guarded, pro-Ammons-packed and glitzy Crown Promenade hotel Congress room premises the elections for the office of the CISS President were held.

The result was that Ammons won the presidential elections over Rukhledev.

However, Ammons' win is a highly-questionable one.

Because the United States Deaf Sports Federation ( USADSF ) deliberately and willfully failed to pay off certain penalty fees to the CISS Treasury by September 15, 2004, the deadline date for presidential nomination submissions, Ammons' candidacy for the office of the President of the CISS should have been completely viewed as null and void.

In other words, Ammons was ineligible to run as an USADSF's candidate for any CISS elective position, including a presidential one, in strict observance of the CISS Constitution Rules 8.1, 8.1.1,, and 8.2.

More specifically, by the September 15, 2004 deadline date:

a) USADSF did not pay to the CISS Treasury the CISS Constitution Rule 7.1.2-required 10% penalty fee interest from April 1, 2000 till September 15, 2004, which resulted from USADSF' annual 2000 CISS membership dues non-payment ( USADSF did not pay a cent to the CISS Treasury for such a membership between January 1 and December 31, 2000 ), and

b) USADSF failed to stringently honor the CISS Deaf World Championships Rule 8.C by not paying its required $10,000.00 penalty fee to the CISS Treasury for withdrawing of its two teams - men's and women's - from the June 27-July, 2003 Deaf World Team Tennis Championships held in the city of Poertschach, Austria.

Because of the above facts, Rukhledev should have constitutionally been accepted by all the CISS Congress delegates as the only eligible presidential candidate at today's 39th CISS Congress' election session. Therefore, Rukhledev as the sole candidate for the office of the CISS President should have automatically been declared as its new President for the 2005-2009 year term year.

Now, if no appropriate action will be taken by the whole CISS family against today's unconstitutional win by Ammons as the so-called new CISS President, then Ammons will be regarded as the illegitimately-elected CISS President till its term's expiration in 2009!

The famous CISS Motto - Equal Through Sports - is a joke!

Anarchy, injustice, bias and pro-USA influence in the CISS structure continue!