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January 19, 2005

2nd Language Broadcast To Hispanic Population Works For Miami Beach Residents

From: TM Systems - Jan 19, 2005


JANUARY 12, 2005

MIAMI BEACH: The City of Miami Beach will continue to offer its Spanish speaking residents a regularly scheduled, second language-subtitled transmission of its City Commission meetings, on a regularly scheduled basis. Introduced a year ago, and made possible with the efficiency of the Emmy Award Winning TM SYSTEMS language translation, dubbing and subtitling technology, the City will continue to air the subtitled city commission meetings on its government access cable channel 20. The City also offers real-time Secondary Audio Program (SAP) during the live transmission of its commission meetings.

With the growing Hispanic population on Miami Beach, Miami Beach, as many cities with diverse languages have done; have found a way to get the true message of its meetings across to those who don't speak English as a first language. The importance of subtitled transmissions, in a second language, brings audiences the ability to truly understand the variety of topics that can be discussed at any time. This is different than "real time" captioning, where there is no time for research, qualifying or defining complex terms or statements, etc. Additionally, with as many as 12 people talking at one time, as is the case with most City meetings, experienced translators will now be able to offer translations for each participant, even if they are all speaking simultaneously, and even if the subject matter is complex in content.

"Over the past year, TM SYSTEMS has offered us the ability to truly reach our Hispanic constituents," Miami Beach City Manager Jorge M. Gonzalez said, "and we are finally reaching them with an accurate accounting of the issues in a fast and efficient manner. We've had great success with the format and will continue to utilize the process for all of our vital city meetings."

TM SYSTEMS offers language transcription, translation, dubbing, subtitling and closed captioning solutions in every language. With so many culturally diverse communities, the technology offers the ability to speak to everyone.

For more information please contact: Nannette Rodriguez at the City of Miami Beach at (305) 673-7575 or Deeny Kaplan, Exec. VP, TM SYSTEMS at (818) 508-3400.