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December 26, 2004

Women urged to heed rubella warning

From: ABC Online - Australia - Dec 26, 2004

Health experts are using the holiday period to remind people of the dangers of rubella infection.

Summer is one of the major periods where the highest incidence of rubella occurs.

Rubella, which is also known as german measles, is a mild flu-like viral infection.

It can last for several days and can cause serious problems for unborn babies.

Rubella education officer Monica Havercamp says all women of child-bearing age need to be immunised against rubella.

"If women get this virus, especially during the first eight weeks, there is really high risk of damage to the unborn baby," she said.

"The baby can be born deaf or blind or with heart and brain damage, and there is still a risk right up to the 20th week."

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