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December 14, 2004

Share Christmas in sign language on DVD/video just released

From: Joyce DVD - Dec 14, 2004

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Christmas Story - Signed in ASL by Lou Fant (Golden Age of American Sign Language edition)

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Featuring: The incomparable Louie J Fant, Jr. and Paco Joyce as "small boy"

Once every year people of goodwill pause to remember that first Christmas in Bethlehem. Now this 2000 year old story springs back to life on the hands of a master communicator and story teller in the Golden Age of Sign Language series of famous signers.

Son of deaf parents, author, teacher, star of many Hollywood movies," Lou" Fant forms forgotten images in ASL (american sign language) as no other signer in modern times could. Every idea so clear! Feelings! Emotions! Suspense! Drama! Lou's brilliant signing style fuels every imagination, young or old. Even people who don't know ASL can enjoy this unparalleled artistic presentation of the finest in deaf culture.

Set in a modern, holiday living room, Lou shares with his son the story of Jesus' birth. Together they set up a miniature manager scene around their family christmas tree like so many families do every year. A warm, glowing fire flickers across Lou Fant's craggy, animated face while he hands down a birthright tradition to his son, the way Lou's own deaf father handed down this priceless, judeo-christian story to him.

A warm, loving presentation for all ages, children through adult, that can be replayed every year at Christmas time to rekindle the spirit of the season.

Perfect gift for a family or interpreter.

Artistic gift for people just learning about sign language.

Deaf culture masterpiece for any library.

Approx. running time is 30 minutes, color, sound, with Fant's own voice-over english narration.

DVD-R format for computer or DVD player hooked to home TV. #2052 $49