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December 2, 2004

Help little Thakshila

From: Daily News - Columbo,Sri Lanka - Dec 2, 2004

Thakshila Isuru Kumari Abeyratne, a one and a half year old infant girl of no 56, Galle Road, Dehiwala South is suffering from a congenital hearing debility which cannot be cured with ordinary medical treatment. Dr Devanandjna of the Apollo Hospital has recommended urgent surgery to fix a Cochlear implant machine inside the ears to restore hearing.

The surgery and related treatment is estimated to cost R 2 million. The infants father E.W. Manjula Bandara Abeyratne says the President's Fund has agreed to provide part of the cost ammounting to R. 300.000. He says being a minor shop employee he is unable to foot the balance cost due to his present financial plight.

He requests Philanthropists and the general public to assist his child's cause by sending whatever financial Contributions possible to help expedite the surgery and restore her hearing. All Contributions should be remitted to account number 1017-5016-1287 at the Sampath Bank, Dehiwala branch.

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