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December 17, 2004

Astad Deboo to perform at opening ceremony of Deaf Olympics :

From: - India - Dec 17, 2004

India News New Delhi, Dec 17 : Contemporary dancer Astad Deboo would give a special performance of a new creation, featuring eight hearing-impaired girls performing in synchronised motion, at the opening ceremony of the Deaf Olympics in Melbourne in January next year. The unique artform christened 'Contraposition' explores the "Navrasas" as its theme and has not been fashioned in any particular chronological order.

"It was certainly more challenging since the performers were deaf. They had to learn the basic count of eight and learn to synchronise their steps. However, the fact they had learned Bharatanatyam helped a lot," Deboo told PTI after a special premiere of the show for hearing-impaired students here yesterday.

Deboo, who has conducted dance workshops and shows worldwide, said "although I am not working with the deaf for the first time, it is heartening to see such a good response to the dance." "In fact, I am doing a show in India after almost five years," he added.

After its premiere in Chennai earlier this month, Deboo's 'Contraposition' moved to Bangalore and Delhi and will soon be moving to Mumbai for its final stopover in India before the Deaf Olympics.

Deboo, whose choreography on the big screen was last seen in M F Hussain's film 'Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities', said preparations for this new dance form began almost a year ago, with the last three months being especially hectic.

Deboo's team for the dance features teenage girls students from the Chennai-based Clarke School for the Deaf. PTI

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