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December 4, 2004

A letter to my deaf son

From: OurSports Central (press release), WI - Dec 4, 2004

December 4, 2004 - Indianapolis, IN. Earl Williams, Staff Writer for the Long Beach Press Telegram wrote an article on Sun, Nov 28 that contained the following: "...the biggest cheers frm fans came when Osei Morris, the only known deaf African-American ballplayer to compete in professional basketball in the United States, scored on Los Angeles' final possession. He also blocked a shot..." Osei's Mother responded...

"Osei. I am so proud of you! You and your twin brother, Adei have always been special, but I never knew before now, why. The meaning behind your name says it all: "Osei Adebayo Nogozi Morris" means "Noble Blessing Born During A Joyful Time." Adei means Royal. December 24, 2004 is your special day.

Your struggle through life has been different from different from most people, even your older brother and sisters. You made it through Deaf and Hard of Harding programs throughout school and college. You had to fend for yourself, even while playing basketball. From Darby Park to now, you have persistently made the effort and never lost hope and the belief you can do it. I never thought that in 25 years you would have the opportunity that you have today, playing basketball in the ABA league. But, to let you in on a secret. I always wanted for you and your brothers to one day go to the NBA. I'm really thankful for the ABA League for having a vision for diversity, and to Shere Devereaux and The Silent World Deaf Ministry for their undying support. But most of all, they are giving you and hopefully many others to come, the opportunity to showcase your talents and ability in the ABA League. Words cannot express how happy I am for you and what I see unfolding into a beautiful picture of your future. I love you, God loves you and your family loves you, too. You are truly blessed and so am I son!!! Love you, Mom."

The ABA is much more than professional basketball.

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