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November 17, 2004

News Around the Deaf Sports World

From: - Nov 17, 2004

News Around the Deaf Sports World

December 1 is Deadline for 2005 Deaflympics Entries

Melbourne, Australia - December 1, 2004 will be the date of the Final Entry Registrations for athletes intending to compete in individual and team sports for the coming Deaflympic Summer Games to be held January 5-16, 2005 in this city.

This date will also determine whether the two comments made by certain officials of the CISS and USADSF to the media will be materialized or not. These two comments are, however, viewed as a sophisticated and misleading propaganda ploy to the world.

On October 31, 2002, in the presence of a high-ranking CISS official at the media event in Melbourne, it was announced that "more than 4,500 athletes from 90 countries are expected to compete" at the coming 2005 Deaflympics in Australia.

Another top USADSF official told one USA-based newspaper reporter on May 14, 2004, that "Deaflympics involves "some 3,500 deaf athletes from about 125 countries."

Now, we will see as to how many deaf athletes and countries will actually show up at the coming 2005 Deaflympics event.

Top Russian Deaflympics Official Charged with Signature Forgery Felony

Moscow, Russia – The well-respected and widely-read deaf Russian monthly magazine

V EDINOM STROYU recently published a full page story titled The Signature Forgery Affair.

The story reveals the sad incident in which Nikolay Klimov, the President of the Russian Deaflympic Committee ( in brief, RCDS ) was caught in an illegal act – signature forgery, which involved the large building ownership property transfer in Moscow.

The court in Moscow, according to the magazine story, after five hearing sessions, made a verdict:

Nikolay Klimov is guilty!

Specifically, he committed an act of signature forgery by attempting to defraud other organization – Learning Method Center of the National Russian Deaf Society (known as the VOG ) for the purpose of obtaining the property ownership rights for his own sports organization in an illegitimate and secretive manner.

As a result of the above, there are rumors circulating all over the country that Nikolay Klimov may be removed as the head of the Russian Deaflympic Committee any time soon.

In an unrelated development, recently, Yakov Frenkel, who is a son--law of Nikolay Klimov, for doing something improper, was removed as the Vice President of the Russian Deaflympic Committee. Following this disgraceful removal, it is still unclear whether Yakov Frenkel will remain as a Deputy CISS Technical Director in Football at the coming 2005 Deaflympics in Australia.

Lawsuit Against Nikolay Klimov's Son and Ammons is Still Pending

Washington, D.C. – No hearing date has been set yet for the much-publicized lawsuit case involving the three deaf litigants – Felix Shlimovich, claimant, and Vyacheslav ( Slava ) Klimov and Donalda Ammons, defendants, at the Superior Court for District of Columbia.

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Slava Klimov is the son of Nikolay Klimov, the now-embattled President of the Russian Deaflympic Committee.

Felix Shlimovich, according to the court papers, accuses both Slava Klimov and Donalda Ammons ( both are still Gallaudet University employees ) of stealing his property – his exclusively-produced videotape of the 37th CISS Congress session and 2001 Deaflympic Games held in Rome, Italy.

Imagine, an alleged property thief, anarchist and lawsuit litigant – Donalda Ammons – is still running for the highest position of the President of the supreme international sports organization called the CISS/Deaflympics!