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November 16, 2004

National Theatre of the Deaf Set to perform on Sesame Street

From: NTD - Nov 16, 2004


Contact: Pamela Holden
Director of Media
National Theatre of the Deaf
Tel: (860) 236-4193 ext. 3015


HARTFORD, CT, November 12, 2004- The National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) is proud and elated to announce that they will be filming scenes for the ever-popular children's show, Sesame Street, on December 1st, 2004.

This isn't the first time that the National Theatre of the Deaf has appeared on Sesame Street. Former company member, Linda Bove, first appeared on the show in 1975.

Actors Colleen Foy, Ian Sanborn, Greg Anderson and Little Theatre of the Deaf (LTD) director Shanny Mow, and of our current LTD cast will be among the cast that will appear in four separate segments introducing the "Sign language Moment of the Day." The scenes feature our cast with some well-known muppet friends like Elmo, Big Bird, Telly, and Zoe.

Founded in Connecticut in 1967, the National Theatre of the Deaf is the oldest continually producing and touring Deaf Theatre Company in the United States. It was the first theatre company to perform in all 50 states, has toured to all seven continents and in 32 countries. NTD's professional acting company is made up of both Deaf and Hearing Artists working together as an ensemble. The audience sees and hears every word through the NTD's signature performance style, which combines American Sign Language (ASL) and the spoken word. The unique double-sensory experience has expanded the boundaries of theatrical expression and is considered to be the only new art form to be developed in the 20th century.

Sesame Workshop was founded in 1968 as the Children's Television Workshop. Identifying a specific need to help children from low-income families be prepared for school, the Workshop's founders shared a common goal: to use television as a tool to help children learn. This group of visionary educators, researchers, psychologists, child development experts, artists, writers and musicians pioneered the concept of entertaining, enriching television that could measurably enhance the lives of millions of educationally disadvantaged youngsters. From this collaboration came Sesame Street - now one of the greatest educators of young children in the world.

Dr. Paul L. Winters, Executive Director of the NTD, is thrilled that the organization will be collaborating with such a well renown children's show.

"The National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) is most excited about working with Sesame Street in celebration of their 36th anniversary. NTD is celebrating its 37th year anniversary and what a perfect time for two "national treasures" to work together for one common mission - to entertain and educate children through the wonderful medium of theatre."

The episode will be airing some time in April 2005.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Interviews with the creators and actors of LTD are welcomed. Please call Pamela Castle Holden, Director of Media at 860-236-4193, ext. 3015 to make arrangements.