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November 4, 2004

Emin auction will help deaf children

From: ic Wales, UK - Nov 4, 2004

Anita Singh

An auction of David Beckham inspired artwork, including a handwritten letter by Tracey Emin, is going under the hammer tonight.

Emin's is one of 25 art works which will be auctioned off at Christie's in London.

Organisers hope the event will raise more than £150,000 for the National Deaf Children's Society.

Angel of the North creator Antony Gormley, Turner Prize nominee David Mach, former Frankie Goes To Hollywood singer Holly Johnson and renowned artist Sir Peter Blake have all contributed works.

Organiser Hugo Rittson-Thomas said: "David Beckham is the most globally recognised icon of the decade. He appeals to boys and girls, young and old, gay and straight. I can't think of anyone else within his reach.

"The artists have been extremely generous with their time and skills and I'm sure we will not have any trouble finding buyers for these fantastic works."

Emin submitted a Polaroid of herself, naked but for a pair of turquoise knickers, lying on a hotel bed writing the letter to the soccer star.

It is accompanied by the letter, scribbled on notepaper from the Peninsula hotel in New York. It reads:

Dear David Beckham,

This may sound strange but sometimes I beleave (sic) people forget who you are, and what you have achieved, for Britain and your sport, in fact, sometimes it actually makes me quite angry. Your (sic) one of the best midfielders England has ever seen, and on top of that, you are a really good captain, who appears to have respect and following from the rest of your team.

OK, your (sic) in the lime light, you and your wife Victoria gather attention for every little detail of your lives, but that has nothing to do with your football, you should be judged on your game and nothing else - when people do start judging you, all this does is hinder and effect (sic) your game.

David when I was your age I was signing on.

Don't let them get you down.

Best Wishes Tracey Emin X

Emin, whose works have included her unmade bed and a tent embroidered with the names of every man she has ever slept with, said she wanted to stick up for the troubled footballer.

"I get very angry when people are not appreciated for what they do, people forget he is a really good footballer," she said.

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