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November 19, 2004

City Says No To 'Deaf Child At Play' Sign

From: Channel - Cincinnati,OH,USA - Nov 19, 2004

Parents Want To Warn Drivers To Be Careful

MOUNT WASHINGTON -- The parents of a deaf child want the city to put up a sign on their street alerting drivers, but the city has said no, News 5's Emily Longnecker reports.

Julie Bossert wants a sign like this on her street.

The child's mother, Julie Bossert, told the city traffic engineer about a yellow street sign in Clermont County that says: Caution Deaf Child At Play.

That's what she wanted for her Brandon Avenue cul-de-sac.

"There is a child on this street who can't hear their cars approaching," Bossert said.

But Steve Bailey, the city traffic engineer, turned her down.

"It's quite impractical for the city to install signs of that type," Bailey said.

Bailey also said studies show such signs don't work.

But when it comes to her child's safety, Bossert doesn't care about statistics.

"What if it made a difference for one person?" Bossert asked.

The Bosserts say they intend to get a deaf child sign on their street one way or the other.

The city says the Bosserts could buy their own sign and put it in their yard, but it would have to meet city zoning requirements for yard signs.

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