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November 5, 2004

Chase on WPSD Campus

From: WPSD Sup. - Nov 5, 2004

This message came from Donald Rhoten (WPSD Superintendent)

I want to inform yo of an incident that occurred Wednesday night (November 3, 2004) that night involved WPSD. Early that evening, a police chase began in the Kennywood area which is 15 minutes east of the schoool. The police continued in full pursuit of the three Caucasian teenagers, who live in Shaler Borough, driving a Jeep-like vehicle through Swissvale and into the Edgewood Borough where WPSD is located. This is when WPSD becomes involved......

Once in Edgewood, the fleeing car turned into the WPSD campus and at a high tate of speed, drove through the parking lot between the boys' dorm and the large gym. Several students were outside and fortunaltely no one was hurt, however the car continued up the road behind the girls' dorm and past the Superintendent's house with the police in pursuit. at a high rate of speed, the fleeing car exited our campus by smashing through a very heavy wrought iron gate, next to the Superintendent's garage, and entered Wilkinsburg Borough. After another 30 minutes, the police finally captured the two passengers although the driver of the vehicle has not yet been found.

To say the least, we were all stunned by this occurrence and very, very thankful no one was hurt. We have been discussing how we might prevent ta reoccurrence of this although it's never happened before and most unlikeyly to ever happen again..

Donald Rhoten