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November 29, 2004

Calling All Deaf Poets!

From: TAJ Productions - Nov 29, 2004

Deaf Poets Video Taping Sessions

Deaf poets are invited to register for videotaping sessions in Melbourne and Sydney to Sign their original poems for a video to be screened during the Deaflympic Games in Melbourne next January.

The videotaping sessions will be conducted in Melbourne on Thursday 2 December, and at St Leonards in Sydney on Tuesday 7 December. An interpreter will be on hand at both venues to assist.

Deaf poets interested in participating should contact the producer, Dean Allen-Craig, at Medialink Productions, on email address

Deaf people have been invited to express their poems using Sign Language for the video, which aims at highlighting the beauty, creativity and intensity of communication in the Deaf World.

Developed by the Victorian Deaf Society, with support from the Victorian Department of Human Services, the video will be a key feature of the Cultural Festival at Federation Square that will complement the Deaflympic Games.

More than 3,500 Deaf athletes and team officials will take part in the Games, which is the second oldest multi-sport and cultural festival in the world, commencing in Paris in 1924.

Chief Executive of the Victorian Deaf Society, Mr John Paton, said the Deaf Poets Showcase video will celebrate the uniquely expressive nature of Sign Language, an important part of Deaf Culture.

"The video will play on the large screens at Federation Square at frequent intervals during the 12 days of the games.

"The video will include captions of written interpretations of the poems for those who don't read Sign Language.

"In this way everyone can experience the beauty and meaning of the poems, and the captivating Sign Language performance of the poets, which can be truly spellbinding.

"The Deaf Poets Showcase is a celebration of possibilities. It shows Deaf Poets have something important to say, and uniquely expressive ways of saying it", Mr Paton said.

For more information on the Deaf Poets Showcase visit the Victorian Deaf Society web site, clicking here for details.

For further information, please contact

Dean Allen-Craig
Medialink Productions
(03) 9663 3222, mobile 0418 360 377