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October 20, 2004

VidMe Videoconferencing to Improve Quality of Life for Disabled

From: Xtvworld Media Junction (press release), India - Oct 20, 2004

VidMe, a breakthrough Internet Videoconferencing service, has been selected by the Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities to bring togetherness to over 200 geographically dispersed member ministries and the disabled people they serve.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) October 20, 2004 -- VidMe Communications LLC, an innovator in broadband videocalling and collaboration services, has been selected by the Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities as a primary assistive technology for improving its ministry to the disabled. The Council provides support and services to over 200 independent Christian organizations ministering to the needs of disabled people in the U.S. The group intends to integrate VidMe's new level of connectivity into the administrative support of member organizations and the lives of the disabled people they serve.

VidMe service delivers a dramatic improvement in face-to-face communications over the Internet via revolutionary new software technology. By providing clear, smooth audio/video communications, VidMe's service expands the horizons of personal interaction for the homebound disabled. VidMe also connects special-needs users, who may be located in distant facilities, to their families anywhere in the world. It enables the Council to provide better service to member organizations and allows member organizations to easily support one another in their ministry.

VidMe's advanced technologies have overcome the issues that made previous Internet videoconferencing products pixilated, jerky, garbled and prone to delays between video and sound. VidMe calls are roughly twice as secure as most bank networks, so calls remain private. The software automatically negotiates firewalls. This means users can download and go without need for complex firewall modifications required by other products. It is easy to download, install and use. Users need only a broadband connection, an inexpensive webcam and a reasonably fast computer to take advantage of real-time face-to-face calling.

Consumer packages, ideal for most disabled users, start at $6.95 per month for unlimited global calling. Business packages featuring unlimited calling and a robust set of advanced, easy-to-use collaboration tools are priced at $21.95 per month. Business package collaboration tools open up new opportunities for homebound disabled people to be part of teams in a distant work environment without having to leave their home.

"VidMe's benefits were immediately apparent to our Board. It is an amazing product," said Jim Hukill, Executive Director of CCPD. "We have just voted to launch a three year strategic initiative: CCPD CAN! which outlines our mission as Connecting, Advancing and Nurturing disability ministry. We see VidMe as an essential part of our first-wave activity."

The rapid adoption of VidMe by organizations such as the CCPD does not surprise VidMe founder and President David Gust. "If people see VidMe, they want it," says Gust. "The Council was very quick to understand how this will improve their organization and the lives of the handicapped people they serve. We see a similar reaction from individual consumers and from businesses that are seeking ways to improve productivity." VidMe launched its service in September and has experienced strong user interest without aid of promotion. The company attributes this to a good quality product at a reasonable price that has generated word-of-mouth endorsement. "Our introduction to the Council was through this form of referral. We are delighted that a large group of handicapped users are among the first adopters. VidMe can change their quality of life," said Gust. For homebound individuals, VidMe is a link into society. For the deaf, VidMe on a wireless laptop opens new avenues to communicate using sign language and lip reading at home, school, work, or on-the-go from WIFI hotspots that are increasingly commonplace.

About the Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities
The Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities is a consortium of Christian organizations working in disability ministry. Formed in 1989, CCPD has a proud history as a platform for communications, support and services to aid its member organizations in bettering the lives and promoting the spiritual well being of people who have physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. Council membership is comprised of small Christian ministries and service providers spanning the United States.

About VidMe Communications
VidMe Communications LLC, a privately-held company, aims to lead the face-to-face communications market through provision of innovative products offered at aggressively low prices. VidMe is easy to use, automatically works through firewalls, is more secure than most bank networks, and delivers a smoother cleaner picture than competing products while using less bandwidth. VidMe connects people face to face at any distance while freeing them from long distance charges, cellular minutes and special hardware needs. VidMe offers free trials at

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VidMe Communications LLC

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