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October 27, 2004

Surgeons to be taught Cochlear implantation

From: Times of India - India - Oct 27, 2004

PTI[ WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2004 03:23:52 PM ]

CHENNAI: With a view to helping establish more Cochlear implant centres in India and neighbouring countries and to train ENT surgeons in this super-speciality field, a three-day conference/workshop will begin here on October 29.

Nearly 200 surgeons, audiologists and auditory verbal therapists, besides 50 representatives from industries, will attend the Second National conference, organised by the Cochlear Implant Group of India (CIGI), its President and renowned ENT surgeon, Dr Mohan Kameswaran, said at a news conference.

The first day of the conference would focus on practical hands-on training for the surgeons, using cadavers. "This conference will go a long way in helping new centres start cochlear implantations in various cities in India, as well as neighbouring countries, like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh," Dr Mohan said.

Cochlear (inner ear) is a device which is surgically implanted inside the ear in people who are 'profoundly deaf', either by birth or acquired later in life.

"This device bypases the inner ear and helps in restoration of hearing. Its significance lies in the fact that this is the first successful man-made bionic device, which helps restore a lost neurological function", Dr Mohan said.

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