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October 18, 2004

Videophone Debate: Sorenson vs DLink

From: - Oct 18, 2004

As if you never heard the broadband videophone, please read the previous entry in my blog: VRS: Sorenson vs. Sprint & CSD before reading the entry below. Also, don't forget to read the comments after reading this entry in same page!

Now, I have been using DLink's DVC-1000 for 2 months since I put Sorenson VP-100 into dust. Been using DVC-1000, there is downside of DVC-1000 is the interface design – when I am not on call, I can see myself from self-view window full. When I get on call, the self-view window cuts in half – only I can view myself in the middle, but cannot view myself around borders of self view window. I know it is hard to explain, so I can give you an example of the picture below:

Notice the DVC-1000 main window and self-view window? The caller can see your full screen window while on video phone and you cannot view the 100% self-view window on yourself. Also, Sorenson's VP-100 have full screen of main window and self-view window which DVC-1000 does not.

In video settings to change the brightness and contrast; DVC-1000 does not show the video window display while changing the video settings at same time on the screen. You have to make a guess to change how big or small the brightness and contrasts are, and then go back to main window screen to judge yourself to view the better video. If not, you have to go back to video settings to change it, and forth, vice versa. Sorenson's VP-100 also has video window display in video settings. The winner goes to Sorenson VP-100 over DLink's DVC-1000 for friendly interface environment.

There are biggest disadvantage for both DVC-1000 and VP-100: the address list can be store into the videophone. If they are damaged or destroyed, then all of the addresses contact list will be lost. My advice: Use your back-up plan to write down the paper for address lists, in case if something happens.

Well, a short-conclusion: which is better, DVC-1000 or VP-100? In my opinion, if I want better VRS service and doesn't care about better interface, I chose DLink's DVC-1000 over Sorenson's VP-100. You decide.

I have heard two different views between Sorenson and Dlink – heating up with debates. I remember what people were saying about them; so I decide to share with you from their words:

• We [Sorenson] went to Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD) headquarters few years ago to support out Sorenson VP-100. CSD reviewed this, and not support Sorenson because many people don't have broadband back in time. We decide to establish our own business to sell Sorenson VP-100. It became instant success. Now, CSD is too late and too stupid not supporting us.

• We're [Sorenson] very smart business. We get profits from federal fund. We put the every record of user's time and location from caller making calls and using VRS. Sprint does not have like that.

• Sprint collects the records from caller. The federal profits them.

• Sprint is open to VRS for everybody. Sorenson does not. Sorenson block Sprint's VRS service, Sorenson uses their own VRS service. Also, Sorenson blocks from DLink's DVC-1000 users to call Sorenson's VRS.

• Sorenson VP-100 has high compression video. Sprint does not.

• The people were complaining that Sorenson block VRS outside of their network service. The FCC is invesating that Sorenson might be in monopoly.

• Sorenson's VP-100 is designed in MIND for the deaf people. DLink's DVC-1000 is designed for the general public [hearing].

• Sorenson can have any updates for VP-100 such as new features, software, and bugs, etc. DLink's DVC-1000 only have update support: bug fixing.

• I [Sorenson installer] believe that DLink's DVC-1000 will be out of business.

• I [DVC-1000 installer] believe that Sorenson will be out of business because they breaking FCC's rules. The FCC rule: the caller gets on relay service; they must wait for 30 seconds before making a call. Sorenson does not. Sorenson passed 30 seconds after making a call. Sorenson is breaking the law.

• We [Sorenson] promised to have 24 hour, 7 days a week to have VRS service next month and hopefully to reduce the waiting times down under 5 minutes. We establish three new places in Atlanta, Nevada and --- to grow more interpreting services.

• Sorenson is in deep pressure to hire more installer and set up more VP-100 users to beat us [DLink].

• Sprint allows us to use IP address and phone numbers to calls. It is easy to establishment to using incoming and out coming ports. Sorenson is too complicated to establish and need to have installer to come and enjoy sitting on potato couch to watch installer to fix Sorenson's VP-100 problems.

• Sorenson must require using Sorenson's phone numbers to call. If you use IP address, the hackers find your IP address and name in videophone online directory, Hackers can have more time to find and study to break through firewall and harm your computer.

• Both of them are designed by Sorenson! In other words, whenever Sprints or other companies by the D-Link DVC-1000 videophone, they are BUYING Sorenson technology!

• Sprint does charge customers for replacement/tech support. Sorenson tech support is priceless.

• Dlink is going to stopped the product anytime soon or I'm sure it already did.

• I [DLink] believe Sorenson will be forced from court monopoly orders to open the out of network VRS calls or they will lose the money.

Whoa, Talk of offense between two debates. It's really difficult to say which have true facts, but time will tell.

To be continued…


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