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October 20, 2004

Renowned Deaf Comedienne/Actress Vikee Waltrip Does Student Workshops at The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf on Friday, October 22, 2004

From: PR Newswire (press release) - Oct 20, 2004

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Vikee Waltrip, a multi-talented deaf comedienne, theater performer and storyteller, will spend the day entertaining and doing workshops at The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf on Friday, October 22, 2004. Vikee will work with PSD students from 9 - 11 am (preschool and elementary) and from 1-2 pm (high school and junior high). PSD is located at 100 West School House Lane in Germantown and educates over 200 deaf students in K-12 classes.

"Vikee will bring a taste of true humor and versatility to the students at PSD," Principal Marsha M. Miceli said. "We are looking forward to exposing our students of all ages to the many aspects within the art of performing with storytelling, jokes, reiterating current issues of the world and more. As a deaf role model in the performing field, we are thrilled to have Vikee here with us!" Miceli added.

"Kids love those workshops so much," said Waltrip, who became deaf at the age of seven from chicken pox. "The exercises I do in my workshops involve every one of the children. They're fun exercises, but also teach teamwork and self-esteem." Approximately 60 students will be participating in the workshops.

Waltrip's theatrical and comedy career began in 1981 when she enrolled in a theatre course in Pasadena, Calif. There, her love of the stage was born. In 1992, she studied and performed at the famed Groundling Theater, where she discovered her comedy talent. Waltrip, who lives in Swansea, Ill., travels the country presenting her comedy stand-up routine and shows, in addition to working as an artist-in-residence at various deaf schools.

The workshops are co-sponsored by The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf's Center for Community and Professional Services, and Creative Access' Deaf Performing Artists' Initiative.

For more information about Vikee's workshops with PSD students this coming Friday, please contact Ruth Cella at PSD, 215-754-4778 (v/tty). Additional information about Vikee Waltrip is available at her website

SOURCE Pennsylvania School for the Deaf

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