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October 18, 2004

Famous Deaf Individuals Select Sorenson VRS for Communication Needs

From: Sorenson Media - Oct 18, 2004

Famous Deaf Individuals Select Sorenson Video Relay Service for Communication Needs

Reality TV Star, Pro-Basketball Player, and World-Renowned Mime are Removing Communication Barriers and Connecting Effectively with the Hearing World through the use of Sorenson VRS

SALT LAKE CITY (October 18, 2004) – Sorenson Video Relay Service™ (VRS) instantaneously connects deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals with the hearing world. Tens of thousands of users rely on Sorenson VRS to communicate daily with their business associates, family, or friends. Some prominent Sorenson VRS users, including a reality television star, a pro-basketball player, and a world-famous mime, are removing communication barriers and connecting effectively with the hearing world through the use of Sorenson VRS.

Sorenson VRS enables deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to effectively and naturally communicate with the hearing world. Using the Sorenson VP-100™ videophone appliance connected to a TV, or a personal computer equipped with a Web camera and Sorenson EnVision® SL video relay software or Microsoft® NetMeeting®, both deaf and hard-of-hearing users are able to place video relay calls through an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter.

Christy Smith may have been voted off 'Survivor: Amazon' but she is returning to TV in her own adventure show that includes teaching hearing and deaf children sign language in 'Christy's Kids'. "Sorenson VRS is my main means of booking appointments with networks, talent, and sponsors," said Smith. "I feel more independent when I use Sorenson VRS because it breaks down communication barriers with the hearing world."

"Communication is key to the success of 'Christy's Kids'. I need access to immediate communication so I use Sorenson VRS everyday all day long," added Smith. "When working on funding, program scheduling, and other significant factors that affect my show, I need to be reached so that I can make decisions right away. I don't want to miss any opportunities."

Ronda Jo Miller, part of the 2004 National Women's Basketball League (NWBL) Champions, the Dallas Fury, has found that Sorenson VRS saves her a lot of time over other communication methods such as handwriting notes, pagers, instant messaging, and e-mail. "These methods are often slow and lack the capability to convey emotion through visual cues and facial expressions," said Miller.

"Sorenson VRS allows me to use my native language and I get across exactly what I want immediately," said Miller. "Now I use Sorenson VRS to call my hearing coach or teammates about practice times, coordinating events, or just to stay in touch."

Dr. Bernard Bragg, actor/mime and director, spent his youth trying to communicate with the outside world since he was the deaf son of deaf parents. Now Bragg turns to Sorenson VRS to communicate. "The main reason I use Sorenson VRS and the Sorenson VP-100 videophone is not any different from that of the hearing people's use of their telephones. The name of the game is communication," said Bragg.

"When arranging appearances and work, I talk to several people and have noticed Sorenson VRS has changed my communication situation by improving my relationships with hearing people in general. They can hear the "tone" of my visual speech," expressed Bragg. "I believe Sorenson VRS generates good feelings between deaf and hearing people in America."

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