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October 3, 2004

Deaf man acquitted in stabbing of drug dealer

From: Gwinnett Daily Post, GA - Oct 3, 2004

The Associated Press

DECATUR — A deaf man accused of fatally stabbing his drug dealer has been acquitted of murder charges.

A DeKalb County jury found 37-year-old Ross Deadwyler not guilty of murder and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute Friday.

Deadwyler claimed that he was defending himself when he fatally stabbed his cocaine supplier, Alonzo Smith, more than 30 times on Nov. 4, 2003.

Using a sign language interpreter during the weeklong trial, Deadwyler testified that he often would let Smith use his car in exchange for cocaine but had refused on that night.

Deadwyler said he then locked Smith out of his Decatur duplex, but Smith broke through the door, yelling too quickly for the deaf man to read his lips and kicking him in the chest when he tried to call 911. Both men, who were under the influence of drugs, then began a struggle that ended in Smith's death.

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