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October 8, 2004

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans Endorse Kerry-Edwards Ticket

From: - Oct 8, 2004

Kerry Edwards Campaign Announces Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans National Steering Committee

For Immediate Release

The Kerry-Edwards campaign today announced its National Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans for Kerry-Edwards Steering Committee. The Steering Committee includes national leaders, political activists, social service providers, heads of national organizations, and educational specialists.

Co-chairman Gregory Hlibok, a leader in the Deaf President Now movement, said "the strength of this National Steering Committee speaks to the confidence and commitment of America's 27 million Americans with hearing loss have in John Kerry to ensure that every American has the opportunity to fully participate in society."

Hlibok is joined on the committee by co-chairperson Judy Stout. Stout is a life-long political activist, and teaches political leadership at Gallaudet University.

"John Kerry has a proven record of providing opportunities to Americans with disabilities. His senate record on the Americans with Disabilities Act , Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, MiCASSA, the Telecommunications Act, and on accessible transportation and voting demonstrate that he understands the issues of the disability community," said Stout.

John Kerry has detailed a plan for an America that ensures freedom, independence, and choices for people with disabilities. It includes ideas on issues ranging from health care, community living and employment, civil rights enforcement and education, to transportation, technology, and housing, and continues the fight for fairness and equality.

These committed individuals will join the 50 Kerry-Edwards Deaf and Hard of Hearing state coordinators in organizing the 27 million Americans with hearing loss nationwide to elect the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans for Kerry-Edwards National Steering Committee Co-Chairs

Gregory Hlibok

Judy Stout


Henry Bergstresser

Ryan Bondroff

Pepe Cervantes

Lise Hamlin

Cheryl Heppner

Kevin McLeod

Teri Mosier

Kellye Nelson

Damara Paris

Angel Ramos

Howard Rosemblum

Trudy Suggs

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