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October 19, 2004

2 killed while liming

From: Trinidad & Tobago Express, Trinidad and Tobago - Oct 19, 2004


Tuesday, October 19th 2004

GANGLAND activity on Sunday evening has claimed the lives of two men, one of whom is a Belmont resident while the other is still to be identified.

The Belmont man is Bill Phillip, a 42-year-old deaf mute of Belmont Valley Road.

Just last week the murders of Lloyd John and Leroy Small rocked the Belmont community. Residents described both men who were liming at Upper Seerano Trace as "law abiding" who had no involvement in gang warfare.

According to the residents, of St Barbs, a Laventille gang was behind their murders of John and Small and this gang intended to scare certain Belmont residents into giving evidence against a member of the said St Barbs gang who is currently before the courts on a charge of murder.

On Sunday however at around 6 p.m. a police officer on his way to work found Phillip's as it lay at the side of the road in the vicinity of Helmsley Trace, St Barbs.

Phillips was described as a decent man who had no involvement in gang warfare. He was said however to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Express understands that sometime before 6 p.m. both men were walking through the St Barbs area when a car pulled alongside and a passenger fired several shots in their direction. Both men are said to have died on the spot.

Phillip is said to have sustained 10 gunshot wounds about the body while the other man was shot around seven times.

The other victim is believed to be aged 34.

Police said that he is of medium build and is dark skinned.

Investigators also said that the "John Doe" had on a pair of red and white track pants, white vest and a white bandanna around his neck. He also sported a low haircut and a pair of red and white Nike sneakers.

Police said that when the officer saw the bodies he immediately reported the matter to the Belmont Station where he works. They in turn visited the scene and also contacted the Besson Street CID .

A party of Besson Street CID officers led by Snr Supt Leon Anthony visited the scene. Accompanying him was Insp Grant, Sgt Metoo and Sgt Sahadeo Singh of the Besson Street CID.

Anyone with information on the "John Doe" can contact the Besson Street Police Station. A post mortem will not be performed until he has been positively identified.

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