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September 9, 2004

UK: The Weekly Subtitled Cinema Listings! Sep 9th 2004.

From: Subtitles @ your local cinema - Sept 9, 2004

Subtitled Hellboy, The Terminal, Chronicles of Riddick,
Dodgeball, The Village and more...

It's Thursday, around lunchtime, so it must be...
The Weekly Subtitled Cinema Listings!
Sep 9th 2004.

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Hellboy subtitled (12a)

A demon turns his back on evil in this action adventure film. Brought to earth by the Nazis to perpetuate evil, Hellboy escapes his dark destiny when a benevolent professor rescues him, teaching him to use his amazing powers for the good of mankind

London - Kingston Surrey Odeon
Fri 10th Sep at 12 noon
Sat 11th Sep at 12 noon
Sun 12th Sep at 12 noon
Mon 13th Sep at 5.30pm

London - Wimbledon Odeon
Fri 10th Sep at 12.30pm
Sun 12th Sep at 12.30pm
Monday 13 Sep at 3.20pm
Wed 15th Sep at 6.30pm
Thur 16th Sep at 9.15pm

Gateshead UCI
Thurs 9th Sep at 6.40pm
Sun 12th Sep at 11.30am
Mon 13th Sep at 5.20pm

Hatfield UCI
Sun 12th Sep at 12.30pm
Mon 13th Sep at 9.10pm

Thurrock Vue
Tue 14th Sep at 6.40pm

Over 120 UK cinemas can screen all these films with subtitles - please ask them to! (locations here:

The Terminal subtitled (12a)

Oscar winners Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg reteam for this comedy about an Eastern European immigrant whose home country suddenly ceases to exist due to a war, voiding his passport, and leaving him stranded at a New York City airport. Also starring Catherine Zeta Jones.

London - Croydon (Purley Way) Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 3pm
Tue 14th Sep at 8.45pm

London - Shepherds Bush Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 2.20pm
Tue 14th Sep at 5.10pm

London - Uxbridge Odeon
Sat 11 Sept at 5.40pm
Wed 15 Sept at 11.50am

Banbury Oxfordshire, Odeon
Thurs 9th Sept at 5pm

Birmingham Odeon
Thurs 9th Sep at
12.30pm, 3.05pm, 5.45pm, 8.20pm

Cambridge Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 2.20pm
Tue 14th Sep at 8.20pm

Cambridge Cineworld
Mon 13th Sep at 6.30pm
Colchester Odeon
Tue 14th Sept at 8.30pm
Thur 16th Sept at 5.30pm

Dagenham Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 3pm
Tue 14th Sep at 6pm

Derby UCI
Sunday 12th Sep at 2.30pm
Mon 13th Sep at 5.30pm

Doncaster Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 2.20pm
Tue 14th Sep at 5.20pm

Edinburgh Lothian Road Odeon
Sunday 12th September at 2.15pm
Tuesday 14th September at 5.30pm

Guildford Surrey Odeon
Fri 10th Sept at 2.15pm
Thurs 16th Sept at 5.30pm

Hereford Odeon
Monday 13th Sept at 5pm, 7.40pm

Oxford Odeon
Mon 13th Sep at 2pm
Tues 14th Sep at 5pm
Wed 15th Sep at 2pm

Plymouth Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 3pm
Tue 14th Sep at 9pm

Portsmouth Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 12.10pm
Tue 14th Sep at 6pm

Preston Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 2.20pm, 5.10pm
Tue 14th Sep at 2.20pm, 5.10pm

Southampton Odeon
Thurs 9th September at 5pm

Stevenage Cineworld
Mon 13th Sep at 6pm

Taunton Odeon
Thurs 9th Sep at 6pm

Watford Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 2.40pm
Tue 14th Sep at 5.40pm

Chronicles of Riddick subtitled (15)

Riddick, the hero of ‘Pitch Black’ and still a hunted man, finds himself in the centre of a deadly struggle between the forces of good and evil. And in the middle of all the conflict, Riddick has to come to terms with his true, non-human origins. Action thriller starring Vin Diesel

London - West End Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 3.50pm
Tue 14th Sep at 9.10pm

Colchester Odeon
Thur 9th Sept at 8.45pm

Leeds Ster Century
Wed 15th Sep at 6.30pm

Leicester Odeon
Thurs 9th Sep at 4.15pm

Manchester Trafford UCI
Sun 12th Sep at 1.30pm
Mon 13th Sep at 7pm

Weymouth Cineworld
Sun 12th Sep at 4.30pm

Dodgeball subtitled (12a)

Average Joe's - the local gym – is under threat from the corporate fitness centre chain, Globo Gym. The only way the gym can survive is for a bunch of misfits to beat the corporate giant’s ultra-fit team in a ‘winner takes all’ dodgeball game. Comedy starring Ben Stiller

London - Acton Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 3.50pm
Tue 14th Sep at 6.10pm

London - Fulham Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 4.40pm
Tue 14th Sep at 7pm

London - Islington Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 3.30pm
Tue 14th Sep at 5.40pm

London - Kingston Surrey Odeon
Tue 14th Sep at 12.15pm
Wed 15th Sep at 2.30pm
Thur 16th Sep at 7pm

London - Uxbridge Odeon
Sat 11th Sept at 11.45am
Wed 15th Sept at 9.05pm

Ashford Cineworld
Mon 13th Sep at 3.20pm, 7.40pm

Bolton Vue
Sat 11th Sep at 2.20pm
Sun 12th Sep at 4.50pm, 9.20pm
Tue 14th Sep at 4.50pm, 9.20pm

Bristol (Cribbs Causeway) Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 12.50pm
Tue 14th Sep at 8pm

Hartlepool Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 3.20pm
Tue 14th Sep at 6pm

Leeds Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 1.50pm
Tue 14th Sep at 6.30pm

Leeds Ster Century
Sun 12th Sep at 12.10pm

Workington Plaza cinema
Sun 12th at 6.05pm
Mon 13th at 3.45pm
Wed 15th at 8.20pm

Over 120 UK cinemas can screen all these films with subtitles - please ask them to! (locations here:

The Village subtitled (12a)

From the director of ‘The Sixth Sense’ comes this tense thriller. When a villager from a small town decides to break the rules and venture into the woods, the whole town is in for a nasty surprise...

Cardiff UCI
Sun 12th Sep at 3.15pm
Mon 13th Sep at 8.45pm

Cheshire Oaks Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 1.40pm
Tue 14th Sep at 6.40pm

Leicester Odeon
Saturday 11th Sep at 1.30pm
Monday 13th Sep at 6.30pm
Tuesday 14th Sep at 6.30pm
Portsmouth Odeon
Thurs 9th Sept at 3.55pm

Sheffield Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 3.40pm
Tue 14th Sep at 6.20pm

Southport Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 3.30pm
Tue 14th Sep at 6.15pm

The Bourne Supremacy subtitled (12a)

Birmingham Star City Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 2pm
Tue 14th Sep at 7pm

Huntingdon Cineworld
Mon 13th Sep at 6pm

Newcastle Odeon
Tuesday 7th Sep at 11.30am,
1.55pm, 4.15pm, 6.30pm, 8.50pm
Tuesday 14th Sep at 11.50am,
2.20pm, 4.45pm, 7.05pm, 9.25pm

Rugby Cineworld
Mon 13th Sep at 6.35pm

Stage Beauty subtitled (15)

London - West End Odeon
Sat 11th Sep at 12.20pm
Wed 15th Sep at 5.55pm

A Cinderella Story subtitled (U)

Cheltenham Odeon
Sat 11th Sep at 10.45am
Sun 12th Sep at 10.45am

Thurrock Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 2.10pm

I, Robot subtitled (12a)

York Vue
Sun 12th Sep at 2.20pm
Tue 14th Sep at 8pm

Shrek 2 subtitled (U)

Edinburgh Filmhouse
Sun 12th Sept at 3.45pm

Before Sunset subtitled (15)

Bradford NMPFT
Wed 22nd Sept at 3.30pm
Thurs 23rd Sept at 6pm

The Ladykillers subtitled (15)

Edinburgh Filmhouse
Sat 9th Oct at 1.30pm

Over 120 UK cinemas can screen all these films with subtitles - please ask them to! (locations here:

New: London: Barbican Cinema

The Barbican has recently installed a digital subtitle system and will begin screening regular subtitled shows in early October. Most likely once a week on Tuesdays, and on one Sunday every month.

Coming soon:
Unless indicated otherwise the following films will ONLY be released in the DIGITALLY SUBTITLED format.
Collateral, The Punisher, Wimbledon, Bridget Jones 2, Trauma, Alexander
Visit the website and bookmark your local area!


Subtitles @ Your Local Cinema receive accessible listings directly from cinema head offices, but we can take No responsibility for postponed or cancelled shows.

If cinemas inform us of changes, we will tell you via this website, which is updated daily. If they don't inform us, we can't inform you.

Many cinemas schedules are "SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION". Sometimes the files necessary for a subtitled or described film are not delivered to the cinema on time (they are separate from the film - on a disc).

The only way to be 100% sure is to check with the actual cinema before you plan a visit. But DOUBLE check, preferably with a manager. We recommend that you should always request confirmation that a show is definitely on.

More info:

These days almost all films are only released with ‘digital subtitles’, which means that they can only be screened in cinemas with digital subtitle facilities. There are over 120 of these cinemas in the UK. Locations here:

It is hoped that another 150 cinemas will be equipped with subtitle and audio description facilities in 2005. If that happens, around half of UK cinemas will be accessible to people with hearing or visual impairments.

For this to happen, cinemas need to apply for a government grant. So it's important to let cinemas in your town know how much you need subtitles. Full details on this grant scheme here:

We cannot ‘force’ a cinema to enable people with less than perfect hearing or vision to enjoy their services, we can only ask them to. And we do, constantly. It’s our job to create awareness of the problem, suggest solutions, and to empower people to do something about it.

We recommend that people contact cinemas in their local area and request better access for people with sensory impairments. Request that they become ‘accessible’, by installing a digital subtitle system. Cinemas in your area now have an opportunity to become fully accessible to people with sensory impairments for very little financial outlay.

Cinemas should view the subtitled shows as they do disabled ramps, lifts, loop systems etc. - NOT there to make a profit, but to enable people in their communities, who need a little extra help, to enjoy a cinemas’ services.

If a cinema needs more info, direct them to our website - there's info on government grants available, digital systems available, where to purchase and more.

It's rare that a film is released in a form that all cinemas can screen - the 'older' form of subtitling. The last one was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The vast majority of future cinema releases will ONLY be available with subtitles in the digital format from now on.

Once these cinemas have the subtitle ‘files’, they can overlay subtitles onto the latest films. They don’t need a ‘special’ subtitled print. The system can be turned on and off - similar to teletext subtitles on TV, so the screen can be used for non-subtitled shows too.

The system can also broadcast audio description, for visually impaired people. The on-screen action is described in detail through personal headphones. This feature has no affect on an audience’s enjoyment of a film and can be left ‘on’ all of the time. Every show can be an audio described show. Cinema audio description is also ONLY available in the digital format.

Each ‘access’ system costs less than an average cinemas weekend takings on a major film - less than £10,000. Grants are available to cinemas. Every cinema with the system installed is able to show the subtitled version of an available film when they please.

Ideally, cinemas that become accessible would show one or more different subtitled films every week, with at least one daytime and evening show through the week, and a couple of daytime and evening weekend shows.

This would vastly improve on the ‘old’ subtitling system in which a couple of subtitled film prints were ‘toured’ around cinemas, resulting in some cinemas having to screen a Christmas movie the following February. That ‘touring’ problem was also the reason why a subtitled film usually only played for one day only - it had to be delivered the next day, to the next cinema down the line. The new system enables many cinemas to screen a subtitled show many times, over many weeks, at popular times, simultaneously.

Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can read articles on the subject here:

Want accessible cinema in your town?
Cinemas now have an opportunity to become fully accessible to people with sensory impairments - for free! (practically...)

Please inform cinemas in your area of this government grant offer - the deadline for applications is 8th October 2004.
Read more here:

Three years cinema going for a fiver!
(for carers)

A new national card scheme is launched on 1 October 2004 in over 500 UK cinemas. The Cinema Exhibitors’ Association Card entitles the holder to one free ticket for a person accompanying them to the cinema.

To apply for the card a person must meet one (or more) of the following criteria.

a) Be in receipt of disability living allowance
b) Be a registered blind person
c) Hold a disabled person’s rail card

The card is valid for three years from the issue date and costs £5.
Application forms will be available from mid September at all participating cinemas, or from the website here: (opens a PDF file - requires Acrobat Reader). A list of participating cinemas and further information can be found here

Now on DVD, but still showing in some cinemas:
The Passion of the Christ (18) (Ireland 15PG)
This film was filmed in the ancient languages of Latin and Aramaic and is shown with English subtitles wherever it is screened. This film took $125 million over five days! Who says people won't put up with subtitles?

Been to a show? Feedback please! Just reply to this email.

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As soon as cinemas schedules are announced for new films, they will be listed on our website - please DON'T wait for the next weekly email – CHECK the website often! Important reschedules, time changes etc. are posted on there as soon as they are announced. Please bookmark your nearest subtitle equipped cinema listings page.

On the website:
Every subtitled film: previous, now showing and on the way - New films, locations, dates and times added regularly.
View listings by region - more added as they become available.
Video game, Theatre and DVD extra feature subtitles.

Everything you need to know on the subject:

Recent press reports on accessible cinema:

If you are visually impaired and require audio description listings only, please email us at: or visit the audio described section at 'Talking' website, and 'web over phone' enabled.

Subtitles @ your local cinema are the only listings service created exclusively for accessible cinema. Our service can be found wherever there is internet access - at home, the workplace, school, a library, an internet cafe, or the numerous wi-fi spots and BT internet kiosks throughout the UK.

To be notified of new subtitled films, dates & times in your area every week, just contact us: You can enter your text/query/details on the website:

You can also:
Email us at

Phone us on 0845 056 9824 (24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, local rate)
Text message to 0793 1341 377 (normal mobile rate)
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The website:

This information service would not exist without the input and assistance of the groups below:

The UK Film Council
CEA - Cinema Exhibitors' Association and the UK cinema industry
Film Distributors' Association and UK film distributors
RNID - Royal National Institute of Deaf People
NDCS - National Deaf Children's Society
RNIB - Royal National Institute of the Blind
ITFC - Independent Television Facilities Centre Ltd.
DTS - Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
Dolby Laboratories, Inc

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