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September 13, 2004

Police Raid Wrong Home

From: WTVF, TN - Sep 13, 2004

Over the weekend, Clarksville police raided the wrong home.

Theresa Guiler said Clarksville police, with guns drawn, broke down her door Friday night.

Guiler and her roommate, James Elliot, were knocked to the floor.

Elliott had a hard time communicating with the officers because he is hearing impaired, Guiler said.

"He said, 'I can't hear, I can't hear.' That guy wouldn't let me tell them he was deaf and just had a liver transplant," Guiler said.

Elliott said the officers left bruises on his arm and back. He plans to go to the doctor Monday to see if there's any damage to his new liver.

Clarksville Police said they had some bad information on their search warrant.

The address listed was correct, but the description of the apartment was wrong.

Guiler said the officers apologized once they realized the mistake.

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