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September 25, 2004

Now That's What You Call Cymbalism

From: Glasgow Daily Record, UK - Sep 25, 2004

By Duncan Milner

AN artist has become a big noise in the art world - by creating paintings as he plays the drums.

Scott Field, who attaches paint-oozing pipes to his sticks, wants to enter what he calls his 'Drummatic Art' for the coveted Turner Prize.

The 32-year-old says his work - improvised over four minutes - brings music alive for deaf people.

He said: 'This enables me to express my music visually.

'The art created depends entirely upon the music being played. A record of the song exists after the music stops.

'The art is particularly poignant for those that have impaired hearing as it enables them to watch the sound transferred to a visual form.'

Scott, of Hingham in Norfolk, assembled his latest creation at West Suffolk College inBury St Edmunds.

Head of art Penny Embrey said students were using the concept for their annual project.

She said: 'Students will work on publicity, displays and performances using Percussion Art as their subject.'

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