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September 30, 2004

Legal society appeals for release of deaf & dumb child

From: Palestine-info, United Kingdom - Sep 30, 2004

Ramallah - The Palestinian prisoners club has appealed for the release of a 13-year-old Palestinian child who was arrested on charges of throwing stones at Zionist army patrols while in fact he could not even express himself.

The club report pointed out that soldiers captured the deaf and dumb child while playing in the street and took him away in a military jeep to an army base.

The soldiers severely battered the child so that he would confess to throwing stones but he could not speak or even understand what they wanted of him, the report elaborated.

It said that the child Mohammed Abdullah Amran Khamis from the village of Ur Al-Tahta was currently locked up in the Kfar Atsion prison.

The boy was arrested on 21/9/2004 and was forced to sign a confession during interrogation that he was throwing stones at the soldiers while in fact he suffered psychological disorders and was continuously crying.

The club appealed to the Red Cross and human rights institutions to swiftly intervene for the sake of saving the child whose psychological condition was very difficult and could not express himself well.

A report by the Palestinian Authoritys ministry of prisoners affairs recently disclosed that Zionist occupation authorities had arrested around 2,500 children since eruption of the Aqsa intifada in late September 2000 and that 391 one of them were still behind bars.

The report pointed out that 30 of those children were sick and deprived of adequate medical treatment.

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