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September 15, 2004

GoAmerica Broadens Distribution to Deaf Consumers Through Developer License Agreement With Danger, Inc.

From: PR Newswire (press release) - Sept 15, 2004

Upgraded Software Suite and new Relay Application Deliver Enhanced Communication Options for T-Mobile Sidekick Users

HACKENSACK, N.J., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- GoAmerica(R) (Nasdaq: GOAM and GOAMC) today announced it has expanded distribution of two communications applications through a new developer license agreement with Danger, Inc. The applications provide deaf consumers with additional communication options, and can now be downloaded wirelessly to the T-Mobile Sidekick, a device created by Danger, currently being sold nationwide through T-Mobile USA.

The GoAmerica applications now available are a new wireless relay application and WyndPower 2.0. The relay application can be downloaded through the T-Mobile Sidekick's online catalog, and enables deaf consumers to wirelessly make relay calls throughout the U.S. WyndPower 2.0 adds the ability to make live TTY calls, summon roadside assistance, and conduct live device-to-device conversations, right from the T-Mobile Sidekick.

"One of GoAmerica's goals is to maximize the number of potential customers who have access to our value-added services," said Joe Karp, vice president of marketing for GoAmerica. "Having our applications directly accessible on the popular T-Mobile Sidekick represents an important step in the distribution of our communication solutions."

"GoAmerica continues to develop communication solutions that expand communication accessibility for people who are deaf or hard of hearing," said Mark Fisher, senior vice president of marketing and business development for Danger, Inc. "We're delighted with the response to the T-Mobile Sidekick within the deaf and hard of hearing communities, and GoAmerica's new applications only enhance the value for these customers."

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consumers Gain Important Communication Tools WyndPower 2.0 is a subscription service that enhances the wireless relay application, providing a variety of tailored communication options for deaf and hard of hearing consumers. These services include:

- Live TTY Conversations: This newest communication feature enables users to make live TTY calls right from the wireless device. Users can dial any TTY number in their address book, or enter a number directly for one-time dialing. Receiving TTY calls is just as easy, and at the end of the conversation, the conversation text can be cut, pasted, saved or emailed.

- TTY Messaging. When there isn't time for a live TTY conversation, users can simply send a message to a TTY, similar to how a user would send an email. Like the live TTY feature, users can send a message to any TTY number in their address book, or type a number directly into the application. TTY callers can leave messages for WyndPower users just as easily.

- Voice Messaging. WyndPower provides unlimited operator-assisted messaging. A hearing person simply dials a toll-free number, gives the operator the WyndPower user's wireless address and the message to be sent. The operator then sends the message to the WyndPower user.

- AAA Access. WyndPower users who are also AAA Auto Club members can summon AAA Emergency Roadside Service directly from their wireless device.

- Pager-to-Pager Chat. Enables users to initiate a live chat conversation between pagers. T-Mobile Sidekick users can chat with each other, as well as with users of the WyndTell wireless service. Pager-to-Pager Chat provides another text-based, interactive communication option for mobile consumers.

- InSight Cinema Movie Information. InSight Cinema ( is the largest provider of open-captioned films in the U. S. WyndPower users can get information about open-captioned movies playing in their local area, delivered directly to their wireless device.

"These applications were designed specifically for the T-Mobile Sidekick, and pre-release feedback has been very positive on their ease-of-use and their overall value to the user," added Karp.

Both applications are compatible with the black and white and color versions of the T-Mobile Sidekick, as well as with the upcoming T-Mobile Sidekick II.

Pricing and Availability The wireless relay application and WyndPower 2.0 are available now for T- Mobile Sidekick users.

For more information on the wireless relay application, visit or for information translated into American Sign Language (ASL).

WyndPower 2.0 costs $9.95 per month, with a one-time $10 activation fee. For more information on installation requirements for WyndPower, visit

Current WyndPower users who have the T-Mobile Sidekick will automatically receive the WyndPower 2.0 update for free. Visit for details.

About Danger, Inc.

Danger provides a complete solution that enables wireless carriers to offer innovative and affordable voice and data products to consumers over next-generation wireless networks. Today, this solution includes: the hiptop Data Services Framework-a back-end service delivery infrastructure; the hiptop Development Platform-a platform for the development of mobile applications using industry standard development tools; and the hiptop Device Design-a hardware design for a wireless all-in-one device that may be customized and branded by wireless operators. Founded in January 2000, Danger is a privately held company backed by leading venture capital firms and corporate investors. Danger is based in Palo Alto, Calif. Additional information about the company is available at

About GoAmerica

GoAmerica is a leading provider of wireless telecommunications services for people with hearing loss. The Company's vision is to improve the quality of life for people who are deaf or hard of hearing by being their premier provider of innovative communication services. WyndTell(R) -- a GoAmerica service -- is the wireless service of choice for thousands of deaf consumers across the U. S., and was recognized for Excellence in Universal Design and Technology, by the California Governor's Committee for the Employment of Disabled Persons. For more information, visit or contact GoAmerica directly at TTY 201-527-1520, voice 201-996-1717.

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