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September 16, 2004

Deaf and dumb lovers posing problems for policemen

From: Hindustan Times, India - Sept 16, 2004

Barwani, September 16

Two deaf and dumb lovers who ran away from their houses posed a serious problem before the police who found it difficult to converse with them. The incident took place in Nanded village in Barwani district where a youth Bhar Singh and Gouribai, both deaf and dumb, fell in love. Acting on a plan, both ran away from their houses on September 5.

Sub-divisional officer (Police) Akhilesh Trivedi said police on the basis of complaint lodged by their family members located them. Then came the problem, as police were not able to converse with them. They finally called Gauribai's father to ascertain reasons which forced them to flee.

Gauribai's father informed that his elder daughter was still unmarried and till then he cannot marry his younger daughter Gauribai. He however said if Bhar Singh wished he could marry his elder daughter to him which Bhar Singh has refused. In the meantime, both lovers maintained their eye contacts and conveyed to everyone that they wanted to live together. The case was finally presented before Sub-divisional Magistrate RS Meena who too was in fix.

However, with great difficulty, Gauribai was convinced to live with her father. Her medical test was also being done and if found minor, her lover could be in trouble and may be put behind bar.

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