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September 24, 2004

City host to deaf and blind event

From: Glasgow Evening Times, UK - Sept 24, 2004

A GROUND-breaking show featuring deaf and blind musicians from across Europe will take place in Glasgow next week.

Performers from Italy, Greece, Slovakia and Croatia will fly to the city as part of a pioneering project that aims to enable deaf and blind people to work together to enjoy music and art.

Two Scottish performers, Mark Beattie of Glasgow and Mark Horton of Coatbridge, will also appear in the musical, Voyager Princess, which will be shown at Glasgow University's Gilmorehill G12 Theatre next Thursday.

The international programme, Expression Unlimited, was devised by Glasgow-based charity Sense Scotland.

It is the first time deafblind artists from different countries have been able to work together to create their own piece of theatre.

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