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August 18, 2004

Serving its ilk, silently

From: News Today, India - Aug 18, 2004

NT Bureau Chennai, Aug 18:

It was a typical meeting of an Association. There were the speakers, too. But there was a distinct difference which highlighted their mental strength. The speeches delivered were by way of signs and gestures and not words.

It was the annual general meeting of The Association For the Deaf which incidentally is celebrating its silver jubilee this year. An interlocutor briefed presspersons on the speeches.

From just six members when it was formed in 1979, the Association For the Deaf (AFD) here has grown in strength, boasting of more than 400 life-members now.

It has been in the silent forefront of service to the deaf in initiating welfare projects, matrimony, employment, among other things.

Fully manned by the deaf themselves and recognised by and affiliated to the national apex body, All India Federation of the Deaf, New Delhi, and also the Tamilnadu Sports Council of the Deaf, the Association has hosted many a state and national championships for the hearing-impaired. What's behind the growth of this organisation dedicated to the deaf-mute?

'The will power of the members', said B Krishnamoorthy, honorary secretary, General Association of National Sports Federation.

Presiding over the silver jubilee year celebrations of the AFD here Sunday, he hailed the mental strength of the members, attributing it the association's growth.

S V Chockalingam, managing director , Bala Abhirami Builders & Devolopers Pvt Ltd, said it was unity that had made the association achieve its goals.

N Balasubramanian, honorary general secretary (ADF), said assistance from other bodies in promoting the welfare of the deaf was welcome.

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