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August 18, 2004

Raffles Man Hid Drugs In Freezer

From: Cumbria Online, United Kingdom - Aug 18, 2004


A CARLISLE man who stashed more than 1,000 of cannabis in two freezers escaped a prison sentence yesterday.

Brian Dodds, 34, of Raffles Avenue, admitted storing seven freezer bags of cannabis resin after buying it in bulk for himself and his friends.

Police discovered the drugs at the home of Gail Fenwick, 47, also of Raffles Avenue, on July 29.

Dodds had stashed 192 grammes of cannabis resin, with a street value of around 962, in one freezer, as well as an 85 bag in another freezer and a 15 bag in a roll of wallpaper.

Fenwick admitted cutting up the drugs for Dodds and allowing the resin to be smoked in her home.

The case had come before magistrates before but had to be adjourned until a sign language interpreter could be found for Dodds, who is deaf.

John Appleby, prosecuting, said the pair admitted the drugs belonged to Dodds, who had purchased a nine-ounce bar before Miss Fenwick divided it because Dodds was not good at cutting it.

They said they had done the same thing four or five times before.

Marcus Nixon, defending, asked Carlisle magistrates to remember the special background to the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971. He said the Act came into force after cannabis was used by some who witnessed the horrors of the Vietnam war.

He said: Because of the hippy culture it was spilling into this country and becoming a problem. Its important that the law moves with the times. Bear in mind there is a body of people of the opinion that cannabis has a medicinal purpose and even a recreational one.

I suggest respectfully that the appropriate way of dealing with this is in the way of a fine.

Magistrates ordered a pre-sentence report and decided that Dodds should serve a 12 -month community rehabilitation order and pay 50 costs. Fenwick was fined 100 with 50 costs. The drugs will be destroyed.

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