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August 14, 2004

Deaf-Blind Rider Smashes his Quadbike World Speed Record

From: Scotland on Sunday, UK - Aug 14, 2004

By Vik Iyer, PA News

Deaf and blind daredevil Graham Hicks smashed his own quadbike world speed record today.

Mr Hicks beat his own standard of 104mph on his custom quadbike, which is based on a Honda Super Blackbird CBR1100 motorcycle.

After a series of up to 15 attempts, Mr Hicks recorded a top speed of 133mph in front of more than 100 people.

Afterwards, he described the achievement as "fantastic".

RAF Wittering, near Stamford in Lincolnshire, hosted the challenge and Mr Hicks's pillion rider was Cambridgeshire Police Constable Brian Sharman.

Mr Sharman indicated steering directions through a highly developed touch based signalling system.

Mr Hicks's previous achievements include the 2004 Variety Award for Outstanding Courage. He holds the world record for the greatest distance travelled on a jetski (from England to Holland) within six hours.