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August 9, 2004

A New Workbook to be Used with the Book Silent Ears, Silent Heart is Now Available!

From: Deaf Understanding - Aug 9, 2004

A New Workbook to be Used with the Book Silent Ears, Silent Heart is Now Available!

With education about deafness in mind, deaf author Blair LaCrosse and interpreter Michelle LaCrosse have prepared a workbook to be used in conjunction with their book Silent Ears, Silent Heart—A deaf man's journey through two worlds.

This workbook has been designed to be used not only to pull out specific points dealing with deafness, Deaf culture, and American Sign Language but also to encourage the reader to consider his or her own opinions of the situations the Deaf have faced (and still face in some places) and what the reader feels can be done to improve these situations. Interspersed throughout the workbook are "Additional Research" questions, which may be used as part of the student's regular assignment or could be used as extra credit questions, since the answers are not contained in the book. Silent Ears, Silent Heart and its workbook will be a complement to any Deaf studies course or sign language class, since the questions were intended to stimulate classroom discussion.

Silent Ears, Silent Heart Workbook will also be a new tool that educators helping deaf students learn English as a second language could employ. The questions will allow the educator to evaluate the student's understanding of the English language and reading comprehension. They will also provide an opportunity for deaf students to share their thoughts and feelings about how their deafness affects them personally, opening the way for a better understanding between educator and students.

Deaf Understanding will offer schools an Education Discount.

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