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July 15, 2004

Tim Lush--The First McGruff Truck Hero

From: Tim Lush/Kentucky Utilities - Jul 15, 2004

Tim Lush--The First McGruff Truck Hero
June 23, 2004
Last week, KU employee Tim Lush, Meter Department Order Specialist, became the first person to assist a child under the Company’s new McGruff Truck Program. Lush noticed a very young boy crossing against a stop light without supervision. Thinking it odd the youngster was alone, Lush decided to take action before the boy could be hit by a car, harmed or abducted by a stranger.

"I was thinking, what if he was my own child. I'm not going to let that happen," said Lush.
Lush has a hearing impairment, but can speak and read lips. He approached and comforted the boy, who did not know the location of his parents. Lush sent an e-mail to his supervisor, who contacted local authorities. In their brief time together, Lush and the child made a special connection -- so much so that the boy cried when he had to leave Lush to go with police.

"It made me feel better that he was safe, than to think about if I had driven by, ignored him, and what possibly could have happened,” said Lush.

In this case, Lush’s alertness, sound judgment and natural concern for the child -- rather than a distress wave from the child -- drove his actions. These are the very qualities McGruff Truck Program participants possess to ensure the safety and well-being of children nationwide.

“McGruff training helped me to improve my awareness and concerns for kids out there,” said Lush.

(submitted by Tim Lush)