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July 1, 2004

Deaf puppy facing an uncertain future

From: Wodonga Border Mail, Australia - Jul 1, 2004

GINGER is on death row.

The podgy whippet cross red heeler pup is deaf and no one wants her.

Her seven brothers and sisters, born 11 weeks ago, have gone to good homes but Ginger has been left behind and even her mother has rejected her.

The pups owner, Mrs Amanda Duncan-Strelec, said Ginger would have to be put down if a loving home could not be found.

Mrs Duncan-Strelec, who already has two fully-grown whippets, said she could not comfortably keep three dogs in her yard but cant find anyone to love the adorable white, brown and ginger bundle.

She said a six-day advertisement in the paper advertising for a good home for the deaf puppy only returned one interested caller who failed to turn up to see Ginger.

"I rang the RSPCA and they suggested I put her down and the pound is not interested," Mrs Duncan-Strelec said.

"I booked her in to get the needle but I just couldnt go through with it.

"Why should she be penalised for being deaf, shes a cute podgy little thing who is very affectionate and would make a great companion.

"Shes also very alert, I think her other senses are heightened because of her deafness."

Anyone interested in Ginger is asked to call Mrs Duncan-Strelec on (02) 6040 1310.

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