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July 19, 2004

About the rides at Magic Mountain on September 18th

From: HLO/WRAD - Jul 19, 2004

Dear All:

We are very excited about our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Day at Magic Mountain on Saturday September 18th. Everything is looking good and we have distributed over 7,000 flyers already to the community for them to come to our DHH event. Hope you will be one of them!

By the way the WRAD Office has reveived some information from the deaf community that they heard that many rides will be down for maintenance on Saturday September 18th. I checked with Magic Mountain and I am happy to report that it is NOT TRUE at all!!!! Many rides will be working just fine on Saturday September 18th as it is a busy weekend for Magic Mountain. Some rides are down during the slow months like December and January but for sure not in September!!!! Please tell your friends not to believe the rumors about many rides being closed or down on Saturday September 18th.

Tickets to our DHH event are on sale now for $21 per person. Let us know if you want us to email you a copy of the flyer ( or send us your surface address and we can send a copy of the flyer to you.

See you at Magic Mountain on Saturday September 18th.

Best regards,
Bruce Gross
Hearing Loss Outreach is a project of WRAD, Inc.