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June 26, 2004

The Californian helps hearing impaired

From: The Californian - Salinas,CA,USA - Jun 26, 2004

TTY line, Web page now offered

Staff report

Through a combination of a new Web page and a TTY customer-service phone number, The Salinas Californian and El Sol newspapers are reaching out to deaf and hard of hearing residents in the Salinas area.

The TTY service, at 754-4296, began this month, and the Web site at www. was launched this week.

In addition, through a sponsorship by Valley Hearing Center of Salinas, the newspapers are providing 10 copies of The Californian each weekday to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center in Salinas.

"The Salinas Californian is making an effort to become a more deaf-friendly business, which is always appreciated in our community," said Jesse Lewis, director of client services for DHHSC.

According to a Monterey County report in 1999, the county has nearly 34,000 deaf and hard of hearing residents, including seniors who lose their hearing late in life.

The TTY line lets customers call the newspapers directly via their own TTY equipment, which allows two-way communication through a typing keyboard. Previously, they had to contact the California Relay Service, which served as a go-between for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Inquiries regarding newspaper subscriptions, advertising and content can all be handled via the new TTY number. During non-business hours, a TTY message informs users that they can provide information and expect a return response.

The Web page -- listed as "Deaf Resources" under "customer service" on the left side of The Californian's home page -- includes links to a wide variety of resources for the deaf and hard of hearing, including the DHHSC and other programs and organizations.


DEAF & HARD OF HEARING RESOURCES: customerservice/deafinfo.html


The TTY phone number for The Salinas Californian and El Sol is 754-4296. Deaf and hard of hearing customers can use it for inquiries related to subscriptions, classified and display advertising and news.

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