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June 4, 2004

Follow the flame

From:, UK - Jun 4, 2004

For the first time-ever, the Olympic torch travels to all five continents. From Sydney to Athens, follow the flame with Eurosport and Samsung's official torch bearers and see the flame on its way on Eurosport TV.

June 4 Sydney
Cathy Freeman (Gold medalist - Women's 400 m Sydney Olympic Games), Amy Sing, Ricky Stuart (Coach - Sydney Roosters Rugby League team), Chris Zogopoulos.

June 5 - Melbourne
Leanne Woodgate (Artistic roller skating champion and Bali bombings survivor), Michael Ryan (Australian hurdler - 1964 Tokyo Olympics), Penny Knoff (volunteer for the Starlight Foundation at the Royal Children's Hospital)

June 6 - Japan
Fumie Suguri (2002 Winter Games Figure Skating bronze medal), Kozue Matsumoto, Yukio Hashi (singer)

June 7 - Seoul
Bong-Ju, Lee (Marathon runner 2004 Olympics), Sang-Woo, Kwon (actor), Ye-Jin, Kim (advocate for blind people), Haeng Kyeun Kim (driver of train who lost both legs saving children)

June 9 - Beijing
Lan Sang (former Chinese gymnast & leading member of 2008 Olympic bid), Guoliang Liu (1996 table tennis double Olympic gold medallist and former world champion), Chaoliu (17-year old middle distance runner) & Jiang Du (Chaoliu's coach), Zhihong Xu (President, Peking University).

June 10 - New Delhi
Aslam Amin, Rahul Dravid (Vice Captain of Indian Cricket Team), Palash Sen (pop singer)

June 11 - Cairo
Youssra Nassiem (actress), Hussien Fahmy (actor), Mostaf Khalil (handisport swimming champion), Sherif Aou EI Naga (Chairman of Children Cancer Kasr EI Any Hospital)

June 12 - Cape Town
Phillip Rabinowitz (At 100 - born 16 April, 1904 - world's oldest competitive walker, according to the Guinness Book of Record), Penny Heyns (1992 Olympic swimming champion, Johan Albert Englebrecht (businessman and patron of sport in Kenya), Miriam Makeba (African pop music legend)

June 13 - Rio de Janeiro
Oscar Schmidt (Brazil's greatest-ever basketball player), Tatiana Maria Rolin, Maria Angélica Sampaio (actress)

June 15 - Mexico City
Adal Ramones (talk show host), Dolores Ayala (news presenter, philanthropist), Sandra Jiménez Loza (disabled, 17, nominated by Unicef) Julio César Núñez Quintana (disabled)

June 16 - Los Angeles
Tim K. Hedrick (long-distance swimmer), Jason Lalla (Paralympics Alpine Skier), Osmond Crosby (father of two hearing-impaired children)

June 17 - St. Louis
Nancy Lieberman (running expert), Celeste Brink Celeste Brink (Special Olympics volunteer), Bernie Friedt (dancer, handicapped persons' volunteer).

June 18 - Atlanta
Joseph Jacobi (1992 Olympic canoeing gold medallist), Matthew Taylor, John Lambrou.

June 19 - New York
Christopher Waddell (Paralympic Alpine Skiing & track gold medallist), Boomer Esiason (NFL quarterback), Daniel Rowan (lost ten of his fellow firefighters during 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy).

June 20 - Montreal
William Weir (former triathlete diagnosed in 2000 with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease), Anne Lazarides (handicapped, now a youth-protection worker)

June 21 - Antwerp
Veronique Nathalie Coene (champion cyclist), Jacobs Christophe (doctor working with diabetic patients in Belgium and Congo), Theodore Papazoglou (Greek, volunteer for Athens 2004), Luc Leon Blyaert (1992 & 1996 Olympic marathoner & journalist).

June 23 - Amsterdam
Pieter Christiaan van Oranje (member of Dutch Royal family, nephew of Queen Beatrix), Hein Vergeer (former Olympic speed skating gold medallist), Marc Klein Essink (TV show presenter, actor), Robert Roest (football player)

June 24 - Geneva/Lausanne
Bertrand Piccard (hot-air balloonist), Jacqueline Walcher-Schneider (Olympic diver, 2000 Games), Christina Surer (rally driver), Franco Carlotto (fitness advocate)

June 25 - Paris
Stéphane Diagana (400m hurdles world champion), Jacky Deniaud (paraplegic, handisports athlete), Eric Parisien (fireman, father of child with motor disabilities).

June 26 - London
Darren Campbell (Olympic 200m silver medallist), Nic Capanni (fencer), Anthony McDonald Liggins (marathon runner for charity), Kathleen Jones (cancer survivor)

June 27 - Barcelona
Miguel Indurain (Barcelona cycling gold medallist and 5-time Tour de France winner, Teresa Zhabell (double Olympic sailing gold medallist), Alicia Pons (essay winner: her Olympic hero is her brother who is disabled)

June 28 - Rome
Alessio Boggiatto (Italian Olympic swimmer), Victoria Cabello (TV presenter), Riccado Mazzoli (cartoonist).

June 29 - Munich
André Wessels (Foil fencer), Kai Pflaume (TV presenter), Sarah Heintz (designated by her father, winner of Samsung essay contest last year).

June 30 - Berlin
Henry Maske (Olympic boxing champion), Milka Loff Fernandes (TV presenter/actress), Mehmet Sarin (handicapped)

July 1 - Stockholm
Toini Gustafsson Ronnlund (Olympic skier), David Lega (Paralympics swimmer), Ulf Dahlén (NHL and Olympic ice hockey player), Therese Ahlshammar (double Olympic swimming silver medallist).

July 2 - Helsinki
Hannu Siionen (1972 Olympics 4th in javelin), Petri Keskitalo (Olympic decathlonist, 1988), Risto Kaskilahti (actor), Reima Salonen (Olympic race walker, 1980)

July 3 - Moscow
Elena Dementieva (2000 Olympic tennis silver medallist), Alexander Domogarov (actor), Sergey Shilov (1998, 2002 Paralympic skiing champion), Dmitry Pevtsov (actor)

July 5 - Kiev
Yaroslav Pustoviy (cosmonaut), Vladimir Zhovnir (doctor), Sergey Smirnov (disabled student)

July 6 - İstanbul
İbrahim Kutluay (basketball player), Boray Uras (advocate for road safety), Nasuh Mahruki (mountain climber, volunteer after 1999 earthquake disasters in Turkey), Azra Akın (2003 Miss World 2003)

July 7 - Sofia
Deyan Dragomirecki (singer, artist), Gergana Stefanova (ex-Olympic volleyball player), Rumiana Stanimirova (young athlete)

July 8 - Nicosia
Markos Rauffmann (football player), Androulla Elefteriou (scientist), Linos Petrides (ex-Olympian).