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May 18, 2004

News Release: Dspfactory platform selected for Interton's next-generation digital hearing instruments

From: Dspfactory news releases - May 18, 2004


Dspfactory platform selected for Interton's next-generation digital hearing instruments

WATERLOO, ON, May 18, 2004 - Dspfactory Ltd., a leading provider of ultra-low power digital signal processing (DSP) technology for digital hearing aids, wireless headsets and other portable audio devices announced today that its Toccata Plus reconfigurable DSP platform has been selected by Interton, the fastest growing hearing aid manufacturer based in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Interton will use Toccata Plus in its next-generation hearing instrument that will be launched later this year.

Toccata Plus provides hearing aid manufacturers a proven and highly flexible platform to deliver the superior sound quality made possible by digital signal processing. With its open system architecture, Toccata Plus can be easily configured with a variety of sophisticated algorithms to provide exceptional sound quality and an unmatched listening experience for hearing aid users. One-third of the world's largest hearing aid manufacturers rely on Toccata Plus to make communication easier for device wearers.

Interton is using Toccata Plus in conjunction with the leading-edge ADRO DSP algorithm developed by Dynamic Hearing Pty. Ltd. of Melbourne, Australia. Dynamic Hearing has been a Dspfactory strategic partner since 2002.

"We were impressed by the exceptional performance of Toccata Plus," said Albrecht Hörning, Interton's vice president of engineering. "Combined with ADRO, Toccata Plus will enable us to meet the needs of a large body of hearing-challenged users for whom conventional digital solutions were ineffective. And with the flexibility of the Toccata Plus platform, we expect to develop additional instruments capable of addressing an even broader range of hearing profiles."

Dspfactory's DSP audio systems are designed for devices where exceptional sound quality, ultra-low power consumption, and miniaturization are critical design requirements. With a product line that includes Toccata Plus and the new Orela 4500 high performance hybrid, Dspfactory provides DSP solutions for a full range of digital hearing instruments from the moderately-priced to the most advanced devices on the market today.

Today's announcement reinforces the hearing aid industry's endorsement of Dspfactory as the provider of choice for software-configurable platform technology. "The advantage of our open programmable architecture is that it enables our customers to rapidly introduce a broad range of differentiated products," said Dspfactory president and CEO Robert Tong. "With Interton, we expect that in the near future we'll see the launch of several more innovative hearing aids based on our technology."

About Interton
Headquartered in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, Interton Hoergeraete GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of hearing aid instruments. Founded in 1962, it has been internationally active for over four decades. In 2001 Interton reinforced its presence on the North American market by acquiring Minnesota-based Authorized Hearing Systems (AHS). People with impaired hearing wear Interton hearing systems in 50 countries across the globe. For more information visit and

About Dspfactory
Dspfactory Ltd., a fabless semiconductor company, is a leading-edge developer of ultra-miniaturized, ultra-low power, software programmable, digital signal processing (DSP) technology. Dspfactory's mission is to embed its unique technology ubiquitously into a wide range of market applications. Its target markets include hearing aids, headsets, personal digital assistants, personal digital audio players, embedded sensors, baseband wireless devices, cellular telephones, or any other portable, battery-powered DSP-based product where size and power consumption are as important as flexible, advanced software processing capabilities. To support the development and implementation of signal processing software solutions on its technology platforms, Dspfactory also provides a complete set of easy-to-use support tools and services, ranging from software development and testing tools to custom DSP software development and engineering services. For more information, visit


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