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May 30, 2004

Grenade thrown at deaf people's party

From: BBC News, UK - May 30, 2004

Bosnian police have detained a man who allegedly hurled a grenade into a party for deaf people in the capital, Sarajevo, lightly injuring revellers.

The suspect, himself a member of the Club for People with Impaired Hearing, was at a party for deaf people from the former Yugoslavia, police said.

Bosnian media say he threw the grenade after being ejected from the function for getting into a fight over a girl.

One witness said the 21-year-old had been very drunk at the time.

"The security guys threw him out and he was very angry," the unnamed witness told AP news agency.

"He went home and returned half an hour later with two hand grenades. He activated one of them here in the street, then pulled out the pin on the second one and after a minute ran inside and threw the grenade inside."

SRNA, the Bosnian Serb news agency, quoted a witness as saying that the suspect had "got into a fight over a girl from Split" in Croatia.

At least one person was brought to hospital with injuries not thought to be life-threatening, police said, while others were treated for minor injuries and released.

Saturday's party had brought together some 100 deaf people from Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia for a masked ball, AFP news agency adds.