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April 20, 2004

You've Got SignMail: Sorenson Media Offers 'Video' Mail for Deaf

From: Sorenson Media - Apr 20, 2004

You've Got SignMail: Sorenson Media Offers 'Video' Mail for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Sorenson VP-100 Videophone Users

Innovative SignMail Service Enables Deaf Videophone Users to View Video Relay Messages Left by Sorenson VRS Interpreters when the Deaf Individual is Unavailable to Answer Their Videophone

SALT LAKE CITY (April 19, 2004) - Sorenson Media announced today the immediate availability of SignMail for Sorenson Video Relay Service (VRS) users. This option allows Sorenson VRS interpreters to leave video messages in American Sign Language (ASL) for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals when a hearing person attempts to call the deaf individual and they do not answer their Sorenson VP-100(tm) videophone.

"For years, answering machines and voicemail systems have provided hearing individuals the opportunity to have messages left for them when they do not or cannot answer their phones," said James Lee Sorenson, CEO at Sorenson Media. "Now, Sorenson Media is pleased to offer the same convenience for deaf and hard-of-hearing users who communicate with the Sorenson VP-100 videophone through Sorenson VRS."

"I have been requesting a video-based service that allows my contacts to leave me a message in ASL," said Mark Call, SignMail beta user who works for LSI Logic Corporation in California. "Since I'm in information technology, I arrange videophone meetings to coordinate my work. If I was running late or out the office, I never knew if I had missed an important in-coming video relay call on my videophone. However, SignMail now allows my contacts to leave me messages and this has saved me a lot of worry."

Once a Sorenson VRS interpreter has recorded the hearing individual's message a SignMail notification can be sent to the deaf or hard-of-hearing user via e-mail, pagers, or instant messenger software (AIM or MSN). The notification contains a URL that can be entered into a Web browser on any personal computer. When the URL is entered a video SignMail message appears. SignMail is currently only available for Sorenson VP-100 videophone users who have access to a personal computer with e-mail.

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