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April 16, 2004

Vanilla Ice at Gallaudet University

From: The Diamondback - College Park,MD,USA - Apr 16, 2004

This one is too good to resist. The Iceman himself is back (minus the brand new invention, erasertop and parachute pants), playing Gallaudet University, a school for the hearing impaired.

Enough said.

Any way you listen to it, this show is going to suck. Hard. You see, Ice has fallen on some hard times since his wild rise up the pop charts and even wilder plummet in the mid-'90s. Even we as middleschoolers could feel the shock waves as Ice melted under the heat of the pop spotlight. Hell, it was funny!

Who could forget 1998's Hard to Swallow? Tracks like "F--- Me" and "Horny Song" not only gave you chronic diarrhea, they also put a few nails in Ice's coffin. But now, Ice is back, pumping this sour mix of heavy metal and rap - he even grew out a Fu Manchu mustache in some sick imitation of Fred Durst - to an invisible fanbase across the country. Even the beating he took from Todd Bridges of Different Strokes fame on Celebrity Boxing couldn't keep him out of the studio. After giving the music world three years of relief, he cut Bi-Polar under the name V-Ice, which features a where are they now-worthy smattering of failed rappers such as Wu Tang's LA The Darkman, The Insane Clown Posse and Josh Brainard from Slipknot. Ice's website says it best: "Maybe hell has frozen over ... and that's a lot of Ice." - By Sam Sessa

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