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April 18, 2004

Important Announcement About Wrad Event At Farmers Market/Grove In La

From: WRAD/HLO - Apr 18, 2004

An Announcement

WRAD, Inc. is happy to change the date of the deaf and hard of hearing gathering at Farmers Market/ The Grove in Los Angeles to the first Saturday of the month, NOT THE FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH ANYMORE.

The next WRAD event at Farmers Market/ The Grove will be on Saturday May 1st from 6pm until midnight in front of the Coffee Bean venue near the Farmers Market Tower Clock. The Farmers Market is located on Fairfax Avenue near 3rd Street in Los Angeles.

Why the change from Friday to Saturday? More people can come to the event on Saturday since many of us are working Friday and we have plans Friday night.

Please spread word to everyone that we will be meeting at Farmers Market on the first Saturday of the month from now on. The new dates of our d/hh gatherings at Farmers Market are as follows:

Saturday May 1
Saturday June 5
Saturday July 3
Saturday August 7
Saturday September 4
Saturday October 2
Saturday November 6
Saturday December 4

Please change your calendar and see you at Farmers Market on Saturday May 1st or the first Saturday of the month anytime. There are many good restaurants there at Farmers Market/ Grove area. Most restaurants at Farmers Market close at 9pm but there are others that stay open past 9pm nearby.

Thank you.

Bruce Gross