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March 30, 2004

Parents push for better help for deaf children

From: ABC Online, Australia - Mar 30, 2004

Two Sunshine Coast families have launched Federal Court action against Education Queensland over school facilities for deaf children.

The parents of 10-year-old Ben Devlin says he has the reading and writing abilities of a preschooler.

John and Kim Devlin say they want better facilities at the Noosaville school he attends.

Tiahna Hurst, 6, is in Grade 1 at Coolum Primary School.

Her mother, Gail Smith, who is also the daughter of deaf parents, says Tiahna receives 14 hours of assistance a week.

She says she wants a full time interpreter to sign for her daughter at school which is in line with what is offered in other states.

The Queensland Deaf Society says the Government is doing what it can, but there needs to be an improvement in services for deaf children in Queensland.

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