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February 19, 2004


From: Central TV - UK - Feb 19, 2004

Deaf and blind children in Tobago have problems enough ... but poor funding means they're educated in this one room school. Reality in the town of Plymouth is as far removed from the picture of expensive holidays and sandy beaches as it's possible to get, which is why students from Oxford felt they had to help. Alex Belcher was among them ... one of 1,000 members of the university charity TravelAid.

Alex Belcher says: It was nice to be doing something for them.

Reporter says: The school serves 40 children. It needs more money.

TravelAid has 6 similar projects around the world ... testament to the needs of the less fortunate like these Tobagan pupils and the willingness of a single group of students to roll up their sleeves and make a difference.

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