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February 25, 2004

Special MoPix Update - April 25

From: WGBH - Feb 25, 2004

This e-mail update concerns the new film opening today, The Passion of the Christ.

We've had numerous inquiries as to whether this film will be described, and if so, when the descriptive narration will be available, and at what theaters it will be available.

As we noted in last week's MoPix update, the film will be described. The descriptive narration (on disc) will arrive at select MoPix-equipped theaters this Monday, March 1. As always, it will be up to theater chain or local theater management to determine show schedules for this film in auditoriums equipped with the DVS Theatrical equipment. (Note, the film is subtitled, and so will not have closed captions.)

Any information we receive from theaters regarding schedules for this film and other current MoPixed titles will be included in our regular MoPix update this week (to be sent early Friday morning).

We do not have information yet on the status of inclusion of the description track for the home video or DVD versions of this film. We will share that information as we learn it.

Thank you.