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February 9, 2004


From: EDRU - Feb 9, 2004


The first home fixture for England who will play Wales at Newbury RFC, Monks Lane, Newbury, Berkshire on Saturday 6th March 2004 – kick off at 1.00pm.

Admission by match programme - £5 for Adults, £1 for Child (programme extra).

On Sunday 7th March, some England players along with the coaching team will coordinate some training sessions for deaf and hearing-impaired children from schools from Berkshire.

The England Deaf Rugby Union was set up in 2002 and the long-term aim is to set up a coordinated rugby development structure for deaf and hard of hearing people throughout England. With the support of the RFU, UK Deaf Sport, International Deaf Rugby Organisation (IDRO), sponsors and many more organisations, we are looking to promote grassroots rugby for deaf and hard of hearing people of all ages.

The EDRU held the first ever international in October 2003 losing 16- 3 to France and was seen as a success for England Deaf Rugby throughout the world.

The EDRU want to encourage deaf and hearing-impaired people of all ages to be involved in rugby union, not just as players but also coaches, physiotherapists, first aiders and referees. We believe deaf and hearing impaired children (boys and girls) can become the rugby stars of tomorrow.

There are approximately nine million deaf and hearing-impaired people in the UK. For some, this impairment has developed as they have grown older, lost their hearing through illness, accident or noise damage. Anyone with degrees of hearing loss (under current IDRO regulations - average 25 decibels or more in both ears) is eligible to play under the umbrella of the EDRU and the IDRO.

The EDRU is currently looking for sponsors to help support this venture. Please contact the below for a sponsorship package.

Ed de Lucy
Head of Communications
England Deaf Rugby Union
01622 884510
07801 350964
Fax 020 8660 4584