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January 15, 2004

Final three chosen for 'Real Nebraska'

From: Daily Nebraskan, NE - Jan 15, 2004


Melissa wasn't planning on trying out for "Real Nebraska," but while walking through the Nebraska Union one day, she was intrigued by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's new approach to recruiting students and decided to give it a try.

That last-minute decision paid off. Melissa, whose last name cannot be used for privacy reasons, caught the eyes of admissions officials and prospective students alike and has been selected to participate in round two of UNL's reality-TV recruiting effort.

She and two other students, Juanita and James, were announced Wednesday as the next participants of "Real Nebraska," the online program that allows potential students to get a glimpse of real college students' lives.

Melissa, a junior deaf education major, said she thought she was chosen for her creative approach.

"I think it caught people's eye when I did my interview in sign language," she said. "I have a huge passion for sign language and the deaf community."

Juanita is a senior broadcast journalism major and James is a sophomore business management major.

The three were chosen by voting on the "Real Nebraska" Web site. Dean of Admissions Alan Cerveny said he was pleased with the candidates and he and those who voted felt all 37 candidates captured UNL's spirit.

"They are doing well in school and reflect a wide range of involvements in and out of the classroom," Cerveny said.

He said "Real Nebraska," which to his knowledge is unique to any other university in the nation, has attracted national attention because it's like reality TV.

"It is less filtered," he said. "People like hearing from students in a real environment, studying, going to parties."

Melissa is unique as the first sorority member to be featured on "Real Nebraska."

"I think sometimes there is a stigma that greek life in general is like MTV's 'Sorority Life,' and I want kids to see what being in a house is all about," Melissa said. "All 115 girls actually get along and have something in common, and our house is our home."

She plans to attend a Nebraska basketball game to show the camaraderie of Cornhusker sports, she said, as well as show through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program that UNL students are involved not only on campus but also in the Lincoln community.

Melissa said she was not worried about how she would appear on camera.

"I'm going to roll with the punches and not be scared to put myself out there," she said.

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