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December 11, 2003

The Weekly Subtitled Cinema Listings! Dec 11th, 2003.

From: subtitles @ your local cinema - Dec 11, 2003

It's Thursday, around lunchtime, so it must be...
The Weekly Subtitled Cinema Listings! Dec 11th, 2003.

S.W.A.T, Brother Bear, Master & Commander, Love Actually Matrix Revolutions...

The website:


S.W.A.T. subtitled (12a)

Explosive action. Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell are part of a S.W.A.T. team transporting an international drug lord to jail - who offers $100 million to anyone who will free him!

LONDON - Wimbledon Odeon 39 The Broadway, SW19
Wed 17th Dec at 1.30pm 6.50pm. Thu 18th Dec at 4.20pm 9.45pm

Colchester Odeon Head Street
Thu 18th Dec at 9pm

Gateshead, Newcastle UCI, Metro Centre
Thurs Dec 11th at 9.30pm. Sun Dec 14th at 12.30pm

Kingston, Surrey OdeonThe Rotunda
Thurs 11th Dec at 1.30pm. Sat 13th Dec at 1.30pm. Sun 14th Dec at 1.30pm

Wolverhampton Cineworld Bentley Bridge Leisure Park, Wednesfield
Thurs Dec 11th at 2.15pm

That's it! Please ask your nearest accessible cinema to screen available subtitled films. Most popular films are available with subtitles to the 27 UK cinemas with digital subtitle facilities.


Disney's Brother Bear subtitled (U)

Cardiff UCI Atlantic Wharf, Hemingway Road, Wales
Sat 13th Dec at 11.10am

Guildford, Surrey Odeon Bedford Road
Tue 16th Dec at 3.45pm

Wolverhampton Cineworld Bentley Bridge Leisure Park, Wednesfield
Fri 12th Dec at 1pm. Sat 13th Dec at 1pm. Sun 14th Dec at 1pm Mon 15th Dec at 1pm. Wed 17th Dec at 1pm. Thurs 18th Dec at 1pm


Master and Commander subtitled (12a)

Russell Crowe wages war on water in this rousing, old-fashioned adventure!

LONDON - Leicester Square Odeon WC2 (the big famous one!)
Mon 15th Dec at 2.10pm

LONDON - Uxbridge Odeon The Chimes Shopping Centre
Wed 17th Dec at 2.15pm

LONDON - West End Odeon (the smaller one on Leicester Square)
Thurs 11th Dec at 2.10pm

Kingston, Surrey Odeon The Rotunda
Fri 12th Dec at 2.45pm. Tues 16th Dec at 9pm

That's it! Please ask your nearest accessible cinema to screen available subtitled films. Most popular films are available with subtitles to the 27 UK cinemas with digital subtitle facilities.


Love Actually subtitled (15)

LONDON - Uxbridge Odeon The Chimes Shopping Centre
Wed 17th Dec at 5.15pm

LONDON - Wimbledon Odeon SW19
Fri 12th at 11.45am. Sun 14th Dec at 11.45am Mon 15th Dec at 2.45pm. Tue 16th Dec at 5.45pm

Colchester Odeon Head Street
Thu 11th Dec at 7.30pm

Edinburgh Odeon 118 Lothian Road
Sun 14th Dec at 2.20pm. Tue 16th Dec at 5.20pm

Kingston, Surrey Odeon The Rotunda
Mon 15th Dec at 5.30pm

Leicester Odeon Freemans Park, 90 Aylestone Road
Sun 14th Dec at 2pm. Tue 16th Dec at 8pm

Newcastle Odeon Newgate Street
Tue 16th Dec at 2pm, 5.05pm, 8.15pm

Woking, Surrey, Ambassadors Cinemas Peacocks Centre
Sun 14th Dec at 2.15pm. Mon 15th Dec at 5.20pm


Finding Nemo subtitled (U) Disney/Pixar

Edinburgh Filmhouse 88 Lothian Road
Sun 28th Dec at 2.30pm


Subtitled Matrix Revolutions (15):

Final shows below - Over 150 cinemas have screened this film with subtitles!

Aylesbury Odeon Thurs 11th Dec at 2.30pm 5.40pm 8.40pm
Belfast Warner Sat 13th Dec at 9.40pm. Sun 14th Dec at 9.40pm
Cheltenham Glostershire Odeon Tue 16 Dec at 8.15pm
Dunfermline Odeon Tue 16th Dec at 2.35pm 5.30pm 8.20pm
Dundee Odeon Thurs Dec 18th at 8.15pm
Edinburgh Wester Hailes Odeon Westside Plaza Sat 13 Dec at 8pm
Glasgow Renfield Street Odeon Dec 22nd - times to come
Hull Humberside Odeon Thurs 11th Dec at 1pm
Oxford George Street Odeon Sat 13 Dec at 8.10pm
Plymouth Devon Warner Thurs 11th Dec at 2.20pm, 5.30pm
Wolverhampton Cineworld Sat 13th Dec at 6.45pm


Subtitles @ Your Local Cinema receive subtitled listings information directly from cinema head offices, but we can take NO responsibility for postponed or cancelled shows. If cinemas inform us of changes, we will tell you via the website. If they don't inform us, we can't inform you.

Many cinemas schedules are "SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION". Sometimes a subtitled film is not delivered to the cinema on time and cannot be screened.

The only way to be 100% sure is to ALWAYS check with the ACTUAL cinema before you plan a visit. But DOUBLE check, preferably with a manager. NEVER turn up without getting confirmation that a show is definitely on.


A subtitled version of Matrix Revolutions is available to cinemas, in the 'open subtitled' format. This means that every cinema in the UK can screen it - the subtitles are 'etched' onto the actual print. A limited number of prints are produced and 'toured' around cinemas.

All other films on this list are available in the 'digital subtitle' format only. This means that only 27 UK cinemas can screen them. Cinemas can screen them as often as they like from release date, because the digital subtitles are projected over a 'normal' print of the film. Locations of the 27 'digital' equipped cinemas on the website


It's time to do your bit ...
Have you ever tried to lip-read Spiderman? Or an animated fish? It's not easy. Not everyone has perfect hearing and many people need subtitles to enjoy a film.

Subtitles are usually produced before a film is released in the cinema. The same basic subtitle 'text files' are later used for the DVD, video and TV release. But cinema films are rarely screened with subtitles. Cinemas need to catch up with other film media, and become more accessible. They need to cater for the needs of EVERYONE in their communities; not just those with perfect hearing.

You can help. A phone call, a letter, or a visit is all it takes. Please contact your local cinema manager and request that subtitle equipment be installed. Systems are available from DTS and Dolby.

More info on the website:


Know someone who would appreciate this info? Tell them! Forward this email to them now. If you require audio description listings only, please email us at:


Dec 2003 - RNID interview the Chief Executive of the Cinema Exhibitors Association HERE n_questions.htm


Coming soon!
These cinemas are in the process of installing digital subtitle and audio description systems: Dublin UGC, Leeds Ster Century, Stevenage Cineworld


Return of the King: In response to the numerous enquiries regarding the third and final part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: The first two films were available in the 'digital format only', so expect this one to be too. The latest news from the film's distributors is that it's "more than highly likely that the third part of the trilogy will also be subtitled". But there it's highly probable that the subtitled version will NOT be available until after Christmas. Watch the website for the latest info.

In the meantime, you can view a subtitled trailer HERE (requires Real Player)


Free Odeon cinema tickets!
For your chance to win guest passes to any subtitled show at any Odeon cinema, just click here:


Now available to accessible cinemas: Brother Bear, S.W.A.T., Master and Commander, Love Actually, Seabiscuit, Holes, Mystic River and more. Coming soon with subtitles: The Last Samurai, Scary Movie 3 and more

Over 100 films are available with subtitles, but only 27 UK cinemas can screen them. UK accessible cinemas are located here: Basingstoke, Belfast, Cardiff, Clevedon, Colchester, Edinburgh (2), Glasgow, Guildford, High Wycombe, Kingston, Leicester, London (8), Manchester, Newcastle (2), Stirling, Woking, Wolverhampton and York. Coming very soon: Dublin, Leeds and Stevenage.


Don't forget to sign the Petition for English Subtitles on ALL DVDs - over 10,000 signatures and growing!


Have you ever tried to lip read Spiderman? Or an animated fish?

Millions of people in the UK use subtitles on TV, DVD and video to enjoy movies. Now cinema has become accessible too. Subtitled and audio described cinema enables people with less than perfect hearing or vision to enjoy film, presented in its original, and best form - the cinema. It's the accessible cinema experience - SEE the dialogue! HEAR the action! FEEL the rumbling!

Our service can be found wherever there is internet access - at home, the workplace, school, a library, an internet cafe, the numerous BT internet kiosks throughout the UK etc. Around half of UK households have internet access now so there's really no excuse for not knowing what subtitled movies are out there! But to be notified of new subtitled films, dates & times in your area every week, just reply to this email and say "Tell ME!"


As soon as cinemas schedules are announced for new films, they will be listed on our website - please DON'T wait for the next weekly email - CHECK the website often! Important reschedules, time changes etc. are posted on there as soon as they are announced.

On the website: Every subtitled film: previous, now showing and on the way New films, locations, dates and times added regularly. Accessible digital subtitle cinema locations - more added as they become available. Video game, Theatre and DVD extra feature subtitles. The National Online Petition and much more...


Many people have been enquiring as to what exactly is going on with UK subtitled cinema:

"Why do we have to travel 50 miles to catch one?"
"Why are some available films never screened?"
"Why can't my local cinema screen the latest subtitled releases?"

Let us explain... An estimated 5 million people in the UK use subtitles to enjoy films and although subtitles are the norm on TV, DVD and video, silent movies are still the norm at the cinema, but without the old captions that helped to explain the plot. Deaf people are generally excluded from the popular social activity of cinemagoing... Read more:


Engage your Senses! - SEE the dialogue! HEAR the action! FEEL the rumbling!
Subtitles @ your local cinema - the one stop shop for UK subtitled cinema!

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It is not tragic to have a disability.
Disability only becomes a tragedy when society fails to provide the things one needs to lead one's life. (Anonymous)